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Hoi! Woi! hahaha, hey. I'm just another amateur writer with hopes and dreams to get at least one story um...yeah. My name em...people call me diff names, can think of one up on your own.

About me:

I am 14, I live somewhere, yes, somewhere...and I...really don't know what else to say.

My personality, though, for one, is a strange one. I'm not exactly nice, you may think I am but most of the time it's just a cover up; plus, my sarcasm never cease to leak out (heh, it comes in a package). I'm pessimistic, sadistic, immature (sometimes),I love to pull pranks, filled with dangerous intentions, sometimes homicidal,etc etc. Mysanity is something to question; though some others around me are more of a worry...

I love writing sci-fi and horror, though I hardly ever post a horror story cause they SUCK (eggs)! But hopefully I will be able to someday. Reading is a passion of mine (if you can call it that), so is writing and drawing, so if you're lucky, I may put up a link someday that will show what my characters look like, hehe.

The following are incidents that has happend in the past, enjoy...(you can also find some of these posted on another user's site, my friend windowbreak)

RJ: phillipino's these days...*sigh*
Kim and Trina (KT): hey! ur phillipino too!! and its not our fault! stupid racist perverted monkey...
Ramya: yeah! u phillipinest!! (tries to put phillipino and racist together but it sounds wrong!!)
RJ& KT:(Bursts out laughing)BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! Phillipinest!!
Mr.Beams(math teacher): OMG RAMYA (His face turns all red from having to contain himself from laughing out loud)
R: (oops)
The whole class: (Laughing uncontrollably)
Mr.Beams: Im going to tell ur parents inthe parent teacherconference later!!!(Still trying to control his laughter)

Math experiences 2~~~~~

Mr.beams: 12 less X is very different from bla bla bla yak yak yak...
Aravind: (starts lafin uncontrollably)
Mr.Beams: oookay...lets takle another example...if 6X is divided by...
Aravind: (Laughs until tears leak out)
Class: What's so funny?
Mr.Beams: Oh! (Suddenly realizes what Aravind was laughing at)aravind has a problem with me saying 12 less X...and 6x...(rolls eyes)
Class: (Some laughs but most is still confused)
Mr.Beams: (repeats them in very slow motion way)
Class: (Gets the joke andbursts out laughing)
If u guys don't get this...go ask Ramya akaHurricane1 'cause she'll be able to explain this better than me...yeah...Aravind waslaughin 'cause there was the word "sex" in it out loud, it'llhelp. Yeah...this was one of those had-to-be-there moments


ring ring*
j: hello?
t: (breathes heavily)
(t throws phone to K)
K: Oro?
J hangs up. Bahahah! cleearly sum1 duzn appreciate prank calls

prank 2~~~elijah wood. (no im kidding. Elijah Romey)

T: hai!
Elijah: hi…is this kim……..?
T: NO! hus kim???
(throws d phone to R)
R: hai! How may I help u?
R: hu is dis
E: Elijah…..
R: hus Elijah? Sounds sexy!
K: G U B R A K
E: . . .
T: breathes on phone
E: HAAH?!!

Prank 3~~~~~

Myleen(m):Hi, this is baskin robins, if u can say 31 flavours in 31 seconds we'll giv u 31 dollars!
Grandpa(g):Uh...WHO IS THIS????
M: This is baskin robins and sir...your time is running out...
G: this shrusti?
M: Um...Sir...Shrusti is NOT a flavor...
G: Fine! Vanill-
M: im sorry sir...ur time is out...GOOD DAY!
(M slams the phone shut)

Starbucks experiences1~~~~

Cliff: Look! A coffee bean!
Kim: uh huh...and??
C:(Grin) Coffee bean!
K: ...and??!!
C: (Throws it at K)
K: (Ducks)
...the coffee bean lands on this lady's hair and bounces into her coffee...
K and C: ...(silence)...
K: I think we better go...
C: Great Idea!! (Runs out)

Starbucks xperiences 2~~~~

Theo: No! I can take care of myself now!
Kim: theo! Watch-
Theo: I can take care of Myself!!!
Theo: I CAN take CARE of MYSELF!!! (Clearly getting angry)
Theo bangs into the glass door for he was too busy getting angry to notice it
Kim: (Snigger snigger)
Armand: (shaking in silent laughter)

Computer experiences 1~~~

Mich: Toyota or Mitsu? (askin bou cars)
Kim: uh...duno...
Mich: (turns to RJ) Toyota or Mitsu?
RJ: Toyota army two?
Mich:Yeah...Toyota or Mitsu?
Rj: Huh?? *does sumtin to d comp*
Kim: (looks...) hahahahhahaha!! (burst out laughing)
Karina: wat wat? *looks and starts laughing too*
Mich: WTH?
RJ: wat?
Kim and Karina: not TOYOTA ARMY TWO!!!! but Toyota or Mitsubishi!! ahhahahahaha!!!!
RJ: oh...ehehe...
Mich: uh huh... (she must think we're crazy...)


You Heal my wounds only creating more

This story is on S T O P because I will redo this to make it much more...erm, realistic. This story will also swerve more into the romance genre; rather than supernatural, people said it fits more into the romance genre, so, I guess I will subside to the protests...(fights back angry mob). The title might change too...

Hayley: A tall blonde boy that comes from a rich family. He pratically loathes his dad and somehow feels the need to protect Mia.

Mia: An independent girl who is anorphan that works part time in a smallbar//cafe,her house was recently demolished for late payment (late payment of one year) and is currently residing with Hayley...not for long... (Mia's name will change in future time to avoid confusion with the story Sweet Surrender)

Sweet Surrender

I think this is more like a fanfic among the rest for it contains many Square enix xharacters. Lol, this shows that I really am an RPG fan. Though I really do NOT like this story, it stays up, for its a reminder for me of when I use to write bad, haha. (I think after I stopped writing for a few months my writing style suddenly completely's a good change though...I think)

Mia: Yeah, i couldn't think of any other name, so I thought it would be temporary, it ended up staying. Well, anyways, Mia is a very determined girl, determined not to be infatuated by a certain student named William Van Fanel. (Sound familiar?) But we all know she wouldn't be able to avoid that.

Will: William Van Fanel, The playboy, the disgraceful son of a TEDDYBEAR (Haha, Br8kin d habit's word). His goal is to make Mia fall in love with him and practically "worship" him like most of the girl student body in their school. His personality changes dramatically after his mother's death.

Riku: This is Riku is a mixture of one ofSquare-Enix's prized characters and my own made up version of him; the seductive type, wek...He turns evil in the end...yes, evil. His desire is to win Mia's heart and make Will as jealous as hell (You know how men are, tsk tsk. Haha, JOKING)

Deadly Forbidden

This story stands out more than the rest for it takes place in ancient Japan and the characters are clearly very culture trained. The story is also for much more suitable for older audiences...we'll see why next time if I update.This story will ofcourse be edited for it to actually sound as if it is taking part in ancient Japan. I'm sure some of you find some of the name's very similar to the characters of Rurouni Kenshin? This is because I was inspired by it. This story though, is not about a wanted samurai.

Tomoe: She is a servant, working under Master ArabeiShishiro. She is an orphan, found by Yoshiro, Master Arabei Shishiro's son when she was younger. She studies from Yoshiro's old books, who gives them to her for he too has a certain level of likeness to her; though I'm quiet sure he wouldn't try to woo her or anything, he knows his place in the social ladder.

Kenji: Our hero! This quiet boy is one of the soldiers that was staying at the Shishiro inn, he ended up helping our dear Tomoe from rape; though he had killed the man in the process, no one really cared. He is an excellent swordsman//samurai, and thankfully he does not have the samurai haircut.

Misaki: Tomoe's friend. She is a prostitute and is apparently a gold digger.

Gifts and Curses

I took down Tetra FX and posted this instead. Personally, I like this story a lot better. This story is basically about teenagers that have great supernatural powers and are now set off to save the universe as we don't know it. Sacrafice, Betrayal, Love, Lust, Loss, Death, Drama, and a pinch of's all there.

Rhyanna: She can foresee the future and the past, she can tell you prophecies to come and is great at controlling magic.

Chellia: This girl can turn her drawings into real life. She is a puppet of the villain.

Emillia: A powerful witch that owns a shop somewhere in Valnerclea. She can shapeshift into almost anything, so it's hard to recognise her.

Trinx: She can control Fire, as you can see in the story, and is constantly hungry. She spends most of her time with Fearell or Jaymes. Most of her roles in the story is to make one assume the other.

Fearell: This girl basically controls sorrow and pain or death; see as you like. She is a sadist that loves to torture Christina and her gang. Her lder Sibling, Fizzy, is constantly worried that she gets herself into a mess she can't get out of.

Fizzy: Fearell's older sibling. His biggest dream is to be the best ninja, PLUS his powers are similar to a chameleon, which makes it easier for him to hide himself. He is a "nice guy" type of character and is totally infatuated by Lea.

Lea: Little miss perfect. She can heal things and is one of the strongest in magic but one of the worst in close up physical combat. (Not so perfect now, huh!)

Kurt: Kurt is blind, without his Eagle, Sky, he is as blind as a bat. He has the power to control minds and shares a lifetime bond with Sky, if one dies, so will the other. Though despite his blindness; he is one of the best in close up physical combats. This is because the rest of his senses sharpened when he lost his sight.

Jaymes: An egotistic boy that can control the wind. He loves teasing Trinx, but hey, as they say. You tend to hurt the ones you love.

Our villain is yet to be revealed.

...most of the things in my account are poems, if anyone noticed...

Read and Reviw please. Flames are welcomed for critism that would improve my writing.

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