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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Well, here is some new work. I've been too depressed to load shit to my account so please, I'm sorry and another thing. I live in Florida and Hurricane Charley hit to hours from me so I had very heavy rain and damaging wind. That damn catergory 4 hurricane took my back yard with it. So I've been cleaning that stuff up so, don't worry I'm fine not a scrach on me and my house is just fine just my backyard is gone. Enjoy my new stuff!


Sunday, August 1, 2004
I know it's been forver since I posted some writings. But I've had some problems going on & I was really depressed. Still am but not as bad. I was just too depressed to get off my lazy ass and post my crap on my account...sorry people. Well I posted some stuff so read!

Anyway, ENJOY!



My other account for here:

My Journal:

My pen name for

Reviews are always welcome!

Things that piss me off:
1. People who act stupid
2. People who don't know what the hell their talking about
3. Preps!! I HATE THEM!!!
4. People who go f*cking on on on! OMG!! Like the F*cking bunny from that battery commercial!! *sighs*
5. Stupid people bug me and Idiots annoy the hell out of me!

Keep those 5 things in mind and you'll be set!

About me: I'm a Goth and I have a very bad attitude at times! And for those of you who hate ppl who are Goths and wear black. I just wanna say, TOUGH SHIT! I'm a Goth and I wear black so GET OVER IT! I love to write!!! It's what I do best!

The poetry or stories that I write are mostly about me. I'm a depressed girl who has many problems in her life.

Name: Christina

Nickname: Crissy or C.T.

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Writing (My favorite thing to do in the world), Sports, hanging with friends, dancing, singing, going to the beach, going for long walks, going to the mall/movies, being on the internet, talking on the phone, watching anime, drawing, surfing, and some other stuff.

Hometown: Somewhere in this screwed up world

Friends: Elana (Best friend), Allison (Best friend), Katie (Best friend), Sara (Best friend, (She died 12/3/03), Melissa (Best friend) Morgan( best friend), Joell(best friend), Dorothy, Libby, Brittany, Val, Alisa, Justin, Casey, Abby, Chelsea, Gabby, Sherdian, Kelli, Jamie, Heather, Jacob, Maria, Linda, Kimmy, Frank, Tony, Liza, Brian, Josh, Ryann, Austin, Sheri, Nikki, Tina, Cristie, Chrissy, Brett, Jimmy, Emma, Kasey, Molly, Julianna, Dan, Bre, Deseray, Mitchell, Lester, Li, Kelly, Danny, Shelly, Andrew, Stef, Mike, Alex, David, Kyle, Chris, and my other friends from C.A.P. and school, ect.

I'm 5'4, 105lbs, very thin, long waist length burnette hair, blueish-greenish eyes, I'm an active girl unless it hits over 88 degrees or under 20 than I'm inside till it cools down or warms up! I play the flute and Piano! I'm an excellent player!!!

Random Things I say:

"Stop Blowing Holes in my ship!"

"F*ck a duck!"

"I'm getting tired...He said go faster, I'm getting tired...He said go faster, I'M GETTING TIRED!"

"So that was just a warning?"

"Unless you want to fight shut your mouth!"

"Your point?"

If I wanted to change who I am right now I would have done it already. I'm hated for who I am and not what I'm not! (If that made any sense) Oh, don't give me a hard time on how I should act towards life. As far as I'm concerned life is depressing and it is HELL.

They say there is a "God" but if there was one he wouldn't have taken my best friend of 10yrs from me 7 months ago!! Don't try and tell me it's all in his plans!

I don't talk much at all anymore not even to my friends. I'm an locked person and will continue to be until I think I should unlock myself.

I don't worship the devil! So don't call me the 'Devil's Child'.

I'm also a quite person I don't show my true feelings. I don't ever really smile!!

Favorite songs:
My Immortal (Reminds me of my best friend ^)
My Last Breathe
The Reason
Slipped Away
Breaking The Habit
How does it feel
Nobody's Home
Somewhere I belong
Easier to Run
Nobody's Listening
30 minutes
Nobody's Fool
Remember When it Rained
Never Let Go
Let me Fall
To Where You are
Long Black Train

Favorite bands/singers
Evanescence (My ultimate fave)
Josh Groban
Linkin Park
Avril Lavigne
White Stripes
Josh Turner

I have so many problems in my life. Sometimes I wish I would disappear. Yeah, I've tired to kill myself several times but I always survive and when it enters my mind I think of my friends and family and then I can't do it.

Though I'm a Goth I have many friends. I'm even a little bit more popular then the preps. Just because I dress in black doesn't mean I'm going to put a spell on you but many people look at me and I almost know what their thinking by just looking in their face.

They think they know me and my heart but they don't and they don't take the time too. It's pretty sad how people act in this world.

If people would just treat me different I'd be more opened up and more happy but...I'm not.

Another reason why I'm liked this is because in the last 4 years I've lost my great-grand-mother, my Uncle, my great Aunt, my two cousins, and on Decmember 3, 2003 I lost the only person who truely understood me, my best friend of 10 yrs!

So can you blame me why I'm like this?

Also my Mother is a real bitch! She treats me like a outcast. She won't even take the time to know me! Her and I will never see eye to eye. She says she wants to understand me but when I talk to her she doesn't want to hear it.

So until she truely accepts me I want nothing to do with her. My Father is another story...he tries to understand me and he also tires to see me for me and me only!

My other best friend, Katie understands me and I love her for that. She is the only person I ever talk to now and she always will be.

It makes no sence to me. Something is wrong. When people say there's not.

A lot of people say I'm the cause of why I'm so unhappy. Maybe that's true...but I think it's this one person we call...God.

I'm Cathoilc and attend church every Sunday and Holy Day but that doesn't mean I actually pay attention and believe in him.

If you can't accept me for who I truely am that just leave me alone.

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