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What would hopefully be a brief announcement on certain matters that have come to my attention, but is likely to be much longer than anyone would really wish it to be:

To the people who prefer "The Thawing of the Ice Bitch" to anything else I might write, I'm really sorry if I have stretched your patiences a little too far with this prolonged inactivity. I still like the story, but I'm beginning to find that the writing of it takes a lot out of me. It was originally begun as an experimental thing, really, my literary guinea pig. It's still surprising to see that people have taken to my little colossal rodent, and I'm grateful to all of you, although sometimes I wish that I waited a little longer and straightened out the kinks in the plot a little more carefully before I shoved it out into the world. I'll admit that there are times when I loathe it.

I'm resolved to finish it, of course, because I honestly love all my characters, and all that effort I put into animating them shouldn't go to waste. But if my attention wanders to other stories in my head, it can't be helped. I'm one of those writers who Inspiration leads around by the nose. Thanks to this story, though, I've learned the ills of posting the underdeveloped way too early, so now I've chosen to properly straighten out my other stories before I put them up to be shredded to pieces.

Well, this is the end of my little apology. I hope you don't take it the wrong way, because I don't really the vaguest idea of whether what I'm writing can offend anyone. o.o

Stories in Progress:

: The Thawing of the Ice Bitch - Trudging along as best as it can. One of these days, I'll turn it upside down and shake it clean so I can rewrite it good and proper.

: The Trouble with Limelights - I've only posted two chapters, because I'm taking it easy with this one. I want this story among all the others to be perfect. You might say it's my pet project, because I adore Natalia so much. XD

: Tales from the Garden Palace - Although this is technically the very first story I've ever written in my entire life, it isn't posted anywhere. You know how it is with first stories. You look back on them and then they stink.


: The Fairytale of Fairytales - Haha. Call me vain, but I like rereading this story, even though it's not actually a literary masterpiece. Good memories behind this one.

: The Flight of Average Joe - Haven't posted it here yet, but it's on my homepage. I don't actually know why it isn't here.

: Briefly, In Perpetuum - Experimental, written on a whim, but the idea behind it has a lot of potential, if I can get off my sorry ass to every flesh it out properly. But until I know I can do it any justice, I won't be budging from my seat, thank you very much.

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