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...Hajimemashite! ...Watashi wa Spacebunny desu!
...Doozo Yoroshiku!
i.e: How do you do (for the first time meeting)! My name is Spacebunny! Nice to meet you!





I’m updating my bio because I do that. And also because I’ve discovered that I’ve not said anything real about myself. I say this because I get e-mails asking me questions ‘bout... well, me. So, I will take the time to answer most of those frequently asked Q’s.


What’s your real name?

Do you really care you guys? I’m very paranoid about giving it out. I’ve told a few. But not many. So, if you know it, it’s cuz I love you lots. Or, because you’re stalking me...o_O

Let me clarify here, because I love all my reviewers and readers, more than chocolate. (And because I'm a chocolate queen, that is: a. freakin. lot). I've told my name to people who've really gone out of their way to help me, be it, with beta'ing or five-paragraph essay style suggestions in e-mail form. Because that kind of help just blows me away. But so do your reviews. _ So, you can call me Lil 'D, if you want--that's what my guy friends call me (Cuz I'm vertically challanged aka short, compared to their giant-like statures.)

Why do you take forever to update/how are you able to update so quickly?

These are my favorite’s cuz I get both kinds. Well, if you think I update too slowly—it’s because I get caught up in what’s going on besides my stories—while all the time, thinking about, what else: my stories. If you think I update quickly: I love you. And will tell you my name. All you’ve to do is e-mail me.

What is your writing process?

Usually, I wait until I have a block of time to sit and write. By a block, I mean like four hours (at least). And when I do, I lock myself in my room and type out a chapter, re-read it like four times and then wa’lah. But I’ve found clearing blocks of time is becoming harder to do. So, I’ll start trying what some of you other authors do: write some, then leave and come back and write some more. Hopefully, that’ll work for me.

Why are your chapters so long?

LOL. Also a favorite. Some think long is good, some think long is bad. But whichever side of the fence you sit on, thank you for reading nonetheless. I guess it’s because I count pages—while some of you I know, count words. I go: six pages too short. Over 20 pgs too long. That’s my standard. But I try to keep it below 15. Once I wrote an 8-page chapter and I was told it was too short. So, that’s why I try to keep a double digit number as my minimum.

And, because I don’t want my bio to be too long, I’ll answer one more. One I think is really important.

What advice can you give?

In general my advice is this:

Use everything you see as inspiration for you next verse, title, page or plot idea. The man walking past your house, the dog eating its butt down the street or the color of the grass that you find yourself sometimes walking across. Stimulation of the mind (inspiration) is everywhere. You just have to look and think in every direction. Think big, think crazy. Until your head is tired. If you hate thinking after that. Blame me. It’s worth taking the blame for.

Read. A lot. Be it here, at the library or even Borders. This is very generic advice. But it’s so true. Reading helps you build your vocabulary. It helps shape the way imagery is kneaded in your mind and pressed onto paper. So do it. And don’t be a snob. Read crap too. Because some crap is just really good writing hidden beneath a bunch of “don’t know what the hell they're talking about” reviewers.

TAKE CRITISICM and DISH IT OUT. Be nice but be honest. If you can’t be nice—then don’t expect any different for your stuff.

And lastly, for all cyber board story posters: don’t post merely for the sake of it. When you post something, please love it. Even if in the end you won’t finish it. Even if later you remove it. Love it now. Because if you really don't, then, what's the fucking point?

Kay, back to my general bio.

I read and watch lots of stuff. But I tend to favor the Japanese version of comic books and cartoons. I'm NOT calling anime "cartoons," so calm calm. pets you I would never dare insult what I love so very much.

Favorite stuff:

-Amerie and also Beyonce from Destiny's Child (I'm a girl and I'm straight but I'm allowed to say when girls are pretty right? Course.)

-Boba Tea. Still love the stuff like a crack fiend loves their snowy white lines.

-Manga and Anime-duh squared

-Music of all sorts. ...Except country. shivers Sorry to all you country music lovers out there.

Favorite anime song at the moment: Katamoi Fighter (Ending theme to Itazura Na Kiss, the anime)

Favorite anime series at the moment: Vampire Knight (I don't know which bishie I love more!).

Favorite Manga series at the Moment: Don't kill me...I don't have one at the moment. I haven't been able to manga read in MONTHS

Favorite Flower: Tulips. Because they keep growing for days and days after you cut them, which makes them Zombie Flowers--and what's cooler than Zombie flowers?

On a side note: random thoughts (because I don't have a Live-journal--too high maintenance for this girl)



It's posted!! IT IS POST-ED.

How is everyone?? I just realized something: all my readers (and me) we are all years older. YEARS older! I feel like I'm returning to a club of people who I've known for ever! Like there's some dark family drama or something...I've been watching too many K Dramas...

And a big shout out to my readers and reviewers!! I want to hug each of you personally...but if I show up at your would be really weird huh...O_O



Story Status (because I think I should tell you)

I won't deny, I have a tendency to sizzle or go limp when it comes to updates. Not because my love has lessened for a particular title, but because I don't like to post crap. I.E make up a chapter plot at random and post it in haste. I think my--and all stories--deserve more attention than that. But sometimes the well runs dry--or left instead of right. And in those instances, I feel like I need to step back--sometimes this technique proves fruitful, other times it leaves a story's progression well-- collecting dust. However, I think that if I tell you how far I am along then it will keep me motivated. Heh. I will only list the ones that I am actively working on. The other one's have not been dropped but I seriously don't know when I'll be working on them again. So here goes.

The Wrong Way

Last updated 05/7/08

Long time no update. (The last time this story was was MAY 2006!!)

WOW! It's posted. I can't get over the feeling of posting. But I won't turn my back on something I've invested so much time into creating...well not forever. This story is like my baby. My sinful, twisted complicated baby...

I hope everyone enjoyed the two installments! Of course I will finish this story. Do not worry about that. I'm so glad you all are reviewing...I was having a panic attack a little...Like maybe you all are so mad that you wouldn't even wanna read anymore. But you have proven me wrong. I was thinking the wrong way...that was too cheesy even for me. And I am glad you have. Thank you guys so much!! Each one of you is the beat to my hea--if I finish that, I will be stoned alive..and there's still more chapters to post.. I would like to bow and give my appreciation to Olena and Hana Kimi. Even after two TWO YEARS, these girls are in my corner. So I am loyally in theirs...

My Wonderwall

Updated 2/14/07

I must say. Writing for this one is fun as hell.

Me and the writing in the new years huh? Jeeeez. Happy VD everyone! Hehe. Chapter 10 posted after a lah-ooong gap. I apologize. I didn't mean it. I never do right? lol Next chapter construction is underway. Couldn't stop me if you tried mwahahaha! Seriously. I'm for cereal folks.

Learning to Live With Cats

Have taken a long break from this but I think about it all the time. Hugs M.N and R.D for reviewing it This story is for me and my obsession with another manga so of course, I will continue on. I will start on this one again after The Wrong Way is finished. Heh.

Buttered Toast

Updated 7/11/06

I finally posted this one. I'm so afraid I'll get hate-mail for starting another fiction. Please...don't be mad!! But you know I thrive better when all my creative bases are securely covered. I swear--that's not just BS. .

A Life Halflived Will not be continued, as it has been remodeled completely into a in...I'm doing something else with it...on the side. Again I would like to thank Earth's Tear and Dyers Eve for reviewing what I did have up. Thank you thank you thank you.

(I am a review whore so yes, reviewing makes me post a hell'ove a lot faster) I apologize for still posting slower than molasses in a winter storm

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