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Not only do I post my poetry here, but I have a Fanfiction.net user account, go there for a for detailed description.

I've also got a good friend who thrives on freeverse poems, her penname is Gruesome Reflection (She FINALLY changed it).

So, your interested in finding a little bit about me? Hey, if K-san could do it, then so can I.

~ What is the main focus of your life?

I have no REAL focus, most of the time I go with the flow, but sometimes I get pissed over really little and petty things. I have some totally AWESOME Friends that I'm not going to name(*Cough*Psychocarebearlufferandmangashefiend*Cough*), but when their not around to have some fun with/annoy the hell out of, I just randomly do random stuff.

~ So I suppose you are a random person with no real agenda to date?

So I'm told.

~ What are you interested in?

Manga, Manwha(Whatever, same thing), poetry, drawing, anime, video games, music, and Yagami Iori.

~ Uh, Iori Yagami?

That's Yagami Iori-SAMA to YOU, uneducated amerikajin.

~ Riiight... But, why HIM?

BUT, WHY NOT? He's got the blood of the Orochi(Orochi-sama *Swoons*), he's got this kick-ass PURPLE flame, (Unlike a certain egotistical Kusanagi I know) AND he has his own band. Dude, he's the PERFECT Bishounen for gals like me and my friends.

~ B-but he's the Insane Orochi Warrior! Every year his teammates either leave the arena in stretchers or body bags(Mostly body bags though, Billy and Eiji were f*ckng lucky)! He's a psychopath and he's killed civilians before!

Your point being? I don't care, as I've already made myself the 'Iori-torture-no-Miko.

~ ... Um, right... can we just get this thing over with?

Whatever floats your boat, darling.

~ *Shivers* What is your out look on life? (I know I'm going to severely regret asking this.)

I don't believe in the church or any other religon, but I do believe there is a God to... something out there, true or not. I don't believe in coincidinces, since I personally know Fate can be a fickle bitch at times, but sometimes she seems to feel good about somethings. I like to believe in the myths of angels, light and dark, and, like most of my friends, am drawn to the darker side of things. I have these weird little sayings I sometimes spout to my family out of the blue, such as " If you don't bring something to light, then you have no fear of losing it to darkness." I have many, many senses of deja vu at times, but I never tell anyone right away.

I'm more adult than I seem. In the past three years, seven people who I knew personally died, four in natural circumstances such as age, while the other three hadn't even reached their twenties yet. These were people I enjoyed spending time with, but for some reason I couldn't find it in me to shed a tear, or really give a damn at all. No matter how old I feel or act, I'm still a little girl in the eyes of the people who were there when I grew up, so they regard and look at me slightly differently than when they do to my sister or cousins. Sometimes, I fit in perfectly, though I always feel better off alone instead of being with other people. But most times, I sit on the couch or alone in my room, not wanting to be there since I don't belong by any stretch of imagination. I have a bizarre and disturbing imagination, making up tragic or dark story lines as I go on. Every waking moment of my life is dedicated to finishing that story, whether I want it to end or not.

And that brings up another thing. Death. Is there really a place beyond, when you pass away? Are ghost, demons, and apparitions real? Yes, I believe so, in the supernatural and the paranormal. However, I don't pretend to know anything about it, since just because I believe it exists doesn't mean I know anything about it. In a way, I think that when your born, thus begins your life of imprisonment. When you die, you are freed from the cruel nand unforgiving cage of life. So, why fight it? Nothing lives forever, because no matter how immortal they may seem, your still going to die. I've always wondered what it would feel like to put a gun to head and pull the trigger, jump out the wide and open window of a building, or even overdose on sleeping pills.

I've always wondered about it, and I've sometimes wondered even more what's stopping me from doing it.

So, I guess we're done here?


" If you don't bring something to light, then you have no fear of losing it to darkness." -Ardelis Noir, Darksides Synthesis

" I don't believe in common sense, since even people who say they have it do stupid and idiotic things, like, say,getting married for instance." -Me

" If that involves a dumb teen and a 12 volt car battery, I'll click it." -Orochinagi

" Eh, I'm a traitor... so sue me. =D" -Orochinagi

B: Between your legs.

" It took me a 1/2 half hour before I learned how to open the first door in SMB2." -Orochinagi (What's sad is, it took me even LONGER to figure it out before a friend showed me)

" You are only as human as you make yourself to be, darling." -Ardelis Noir, Darksides Synthesis

Kenji: I lost a bet, okay?
Yuusui: To... who?
Kenji: Insane, insaner, and insanest.
Yuusui: Pfft...
Kenji: Oh, shutup, and help me out of this dress...

-Kenji & Yuusui Nikaido, Night Warriors

" Remember that what you are searching for doesn't possess a coherent train of thought. After all, it's Nova." -Ardelis Noir, DSS

~Recent news~ (Okay, it's not that recent.)

If you haven't figured out by now, I have some original characters, who are from an original series, which is from my screwed up imagination of three years.

I am a yaoi fan, if you don't know what that means, it basically comes off gay, guy on guy, slash, shounen ai. I also tend to look for characters who play for the other team, f you catch my drift, male or female. *smirks*

In fact, most of the stories I write have hints or full blown yaoi/yuri in them.

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