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The name's Maree, Klanfer Maree! *James bond sexy look!*
MWAHAHAHAHAHA peoples i am a girl... under eighteen... now to describe me? Hot sexy, beautiful intelligent... the list goes on... and on...
That was a lame attempt at a joke by the way!!!
I'm average I guess... tallish... okay five foot ten is tall i think anyway...
I love...
family. (minus the clean room lectures:P)
pets!! (I have 21 pets!)
Yeah that's basically it...
Sorry if I haven't actually put any stories up and truly I would have put like 5 up by now but..(there's always a but!) I can't upload them to Fictionpress for some reason!!!! Grrr...*grumble*
Okay..now I want this to be long... don't ask why i just do!
My favourite sayings are...
Great minds think alike... no wonder we have so much in common! (Get it? GET IT?! I made that one up... well half of it...my best friend (Well one of them)and I always say the same things so she goes Great minds think alike!)
Smile, nod and back away slowly. or not... how bout RUUUN!!! (My best friend (well one of them) and I both contributed..)
DEATH TO YOU ALL AND MAY THE PIDGEON OF DOOM POOP ON YOUR WEDDING CAKE! (My friend Tait does that one..he's even more wacked then me!)

Okay now...that's about it...
Oh! I know what I can do... I shall tell you about ALL of my pets!
(If you wanna skip that part just look for the MWAHAHAHA...section

Okay there is 2 cats, 2 galahs, a puppy dog, 16 chickens...not including my pet spider called Charlotte Web... so original...

2 cats... Smokey (boy) and Frankie (grumpy female)
Puppy dog.. Belle(girl) She is so adorable except that she has a disease in her lower back and back legs which makes life painful for her *Wahhh*
chickens.(female all of them) there's Homer, bart, miney, mo, Road Runner and Ursula... ten others are new additions so yeah... i haven't named them yet.. Oneof them tried to escape..ALREADY!
and Galahs! (Female and male) Their names are Mr and Mrs Galah...i don't feed them or much like them..they run away! My friends say they have the right idea..I wonder what that means:P?
Charlotte Webb...she's gone now...but we'll miss her terribly! She was never really appreciated by her fly catching days... *sob*

Now to writing... well i like sci fi and fiction a lot but most of all I love teenage romances!!! Corny I know but...hey I'm nearly 14 what do you expect?!
Oh..go to
http:// (Don't forget the AU either but it's this wickid site of sci fi and fantasy writers mainly... but u can post other things in there just put an OT at the beginning!) My name on it has been Troll, Witchygirl, Honesty yeah I think that's all... THINK mind you...
Oh and just something I thought to help fellow evil doers of the world (I'm not really evil... I just adore the dorky guys who try to take over the world..they're SO CUTE!)

1. Appear as if you are a benign piece of skunk that no one takes too much notice of. But get a reputation of being something totally 'innocent' Eg: The girl who always sleeps in and forgets things... a.k.a The Hopeless One (sounds like me! oh that isn't a good thing is it?)

2. Watch all movies with terrible cliches in them and when your plan is nearly complete use them on the supposed and expected hero who tries to save the world from all evil... Hello peoples.. it's too late damn it!

3. Put your right hand in, put your right hand out, put your right hand in and shake it all about! That's right folks..do the...


4. Spite everyone, stop using pimple cream and start working at Hungry Jacks...near the FRIER!!! Then slowly unhatch your plan.

5. Get an evil canine to join you on your hero kicking exploits.

6. Mislead James Bond into a firery night full of passion and flames...that's it folks...
Post note: He should be tied up in chains as you feed him the extra spicy mexican food.

7. Take over the PA system at school and then announce your plan. Of course no one listens...

8. Make the plan. (Had to put that in there somewhere didn't I?)

9. Cackle evilly as all the 'popular' people run and while the blonde girls go, "Oh my God!!! I can't believe this is happening! Does this mean Revlon is going to stop making gloss? *faints*"


Hip hip HOoray hip hip hooray! AND PUT YOUR RIGHT HAND AND YOUR RIGHT OUT! PUT YOUR RIGHT HAND IN AND SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT!... Okay so I'ma little obsessed!
Bye bye peoples...i'm outties... (I recently read that in a story and I thought it was a cool saying!)

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Rise of the Dawn by The Inkslinger reviews
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(SLASH, BoyXBoy) Tyler Oak may be a nobody at his all-boys prep school, but desguised as 'The Claw', he can say what he wants. But, when he takes on the school gang and their leader, Lucas Roy, things get tricky...(HEAVY R)
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Why you should never wander the streets at night.
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