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Hey all, I'm Momo Claus! Welcome to my humble corner of FFN. Take a look at my stories if you want and review if you're in the mood.

Now, a little bit about myself: I'm a teenage girl who's really into music. I like different kinds of rock- softer stuff, some harder stuff, a couple emo bands, so on and so forth. My favorite bands are Lifehouse, the Goo Goo Dolls, Dashboard Confessional, Lisa Loeb, Michelle Branch, John Mayer, and Incubus just to name a few. I recently started acoustic guitar lessons, which fits in with my overly ambitious plan to be famous within five years.

I write a lot. I like fanfiction because I don't have to focus on the characters so much, but rather I can develop the plot further. I think I'm a pretty decent writer but I have a long way to go. I also write a lot of poetry and song lyrics. Now that my band is finally starting to slowly take shape, I've been writing more song lyrics than I have poems. I think poems and songs are great, specifically poems, because they really allow me to express my feeling, be creative, or both. There's just so much room for exploration, and writing things down helps me think them out.

I'm calmer if my feelings are in writing, because they're not just running through my head anymore. Instead, I can see them in writing and work through my confusion.

I'm a very visual person. I've written a few music videos, though my friend Lenalaye is the true music video guru. Whenever I listen to a song, I typically get a mental picture, sometimes crystal clear, sometimes vague and muddy. Rarely do any of these visions get down onto paper as a music video.

I'm not quite sure what I want to be when I grow older. My latest plan is that I'm going to be in a band with one of my best friends. The band is called SugarShock, and we intend to be famous within five years. She's a great singer who intends to learn the electric bass and I'm a hopefully decent lyricist who's learning to play guitar, so that should start to shape up soon. Other career possibilities include director/music video director, editor, and English teacher.

I write for Animorphs, and I have been for over a year. I really love J/C romances. I am a sucker for them, really I am.

I also write for In a Heartbeat. T/V shipper, that's me. I'm a sucker for a good romance of any sort, aren't I? Most of mine tend to come out idiotically funny (:coughPiecough:). I think that's mainly due to the fact that it's such a fun lil' fanfic community. :waves to IAHB peoples:

I'm really happy right now. I just discovered the Young Wizards fanfiction section. Once I read more of the books, I will probably end up writing a Young Wizards fic or two. I AM A KIT/NITA SHIPPER! Alright, had to get that over with. :Goes off to find more Kit/Nita fics:

So, now that you've suffered through my bio (and kudos if you've made it this far!) feel free to look through my writing.


I'm not uploading any fics for awhile, although I have a Young Wizards fic and Chapter 2 of "Resurfacing" completed. Every time I upload the document, it comes up in a weird format that would be very awkward to read. Also, Microsoft Word is acting funny, to make things worse. Please bear with me; it might be awhile until I figure out what's going on. If anyone has any suggestions to offer, my email link is up there. Thanks for understanding!

Believe me, I am as frustrated as you are. ;-)

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