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The name's Andy

I have removed all my stories from fictionpress, including what I had of Golei Sanctum. There is good reason though. I am rewriting it. See the discs I had it saved to were lost for a long time. Once I found them they were damaged and wouldn't read. That means the only part of the story left is what's posted here. I've decided to rewrite it though so I'm gonna remove it from the site, edit the remaining chapters to better fit my new ideas and thenfinish the story up. I doubt it will let anybody down once it's done. Keep checking back looking for Golei Sanctum.

I've also gotsomething of an old-fashioned story of terror, ghosts and madness.The only time I can work on it is when I'm listening to classical music (Mozart, Bach, Schubert, Palestrina and composers of that sort).This is being thrown on the back burner though. Just 'til I finish Golei Sanctum.

I hope I don't lose whatever was left of my audience by doing this. If I do though, I'll just have to make a new one so oh well.