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About me

All I have to say is that these are poems mostly wrote last year and now most don't have as much meaning to me. My views on life are entirely different than they use to be. I think I see life to have more mysteries and that I'm able to go further spiritually... I see less truth in the world. I see a heck of a lot of questions. I see a lot wrong with the world. I don't know what life is anymore, but I've been thinking..lately.. that it doesn't make sense to need to know when I can't know.

I'm not adding any more stories to this account. These are all old.

You can review if you want. I always like to know what other people think. This account is mostly so I can review other people and read other people's stories...etc...

I always like to hear people's philosophical views an such on life, emotions, culture, etc... so send me an email :P