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Ok, I may have said I was leaving fictionpress forever... I was wrong...

I've been trying very hard to write something (not only something specific but really anything at all at this point) but I've been busy...I'm also going through an odd period...I have the story formed almost in its entirety in my head, however when it comes down to it I am an awful writer (anyone who read what I had posted a few years back will know) and so getting it all out in a way that is acceptable to me is proving almost impossible. I have some time off coming up and am beginning to feel like writing again, so i will try to get at least another chapter or two done. I'm also a little scattered at the moment because I have something that I really do want to write, but I have to finish this first, so maybe that will motivate me (I doubt it). For the record, I do read the reviews (I think I enjoy them more than I enjoy the writing) and I do try to listen to what is said in them, but in all honesty I rarely retain anything unless it really makes an impact (goldfish brain) but they are appreciated all the same. Good to know someone reads this stuff. I am on about my fifth rewrite of this story, having posted two previous to this one, and I'm hoping I'll be able to get this one right (or at least close). For the record I am much more visual and really less of an author and more of a screenwriter but I have been trying to improve my writing (again, reviews do help). This rewrite is also taking much longer because in writing it again I have found I am much more able to expand on the original story (the first two chapters that i think are up at the moment used to be covered in about a page and a half and, of course, gave much less detail, I am working on that) which was about 107 pages in total, but it began breaking down in the middle and the ending was weak. Just one other thing to anyone who does read my work, you may notice my chapters are rather short, this comes from a couple of things. The first being my visual mind and inability to actually write, resulting in short, un-detailed chapters. The second is my love of Isaac Asimov's work. Anyone who has read the Robots or Foundation series knows that he usually breaks his stories into chapters and smaller sort of sub-chapters, making it much easier to read (in my opinion anyway). So, I hope all that cleared some things up. One last note, I wrote this between 5 and 6am on a Tuesday morning so please forgive not only the tirade but also any errors I may have made and not fixed.

Since I'm too lazy to go through and decide what to keep and delete from above I'm just going to add this. I have begun writing again, but it is still a very slow process and I have a lot that needs doing right now, so writing, unfortunately, gets put aside. However, as I said, I am writing and should have a third chapter up within a day or two (today being February 4, 2009) and after that hopefully I'll keep adding them at a rate of one chapter every week or two (that's being very optimistic).

Update (Monday, April 6, 2009 5:30 AM): Alright, well I just want anyone who stumbles across this to know that is still active, I do still check and appreciate reviews and I am trying to write. At the moment I'm trying to focus on writing the Kora Chronicles, however progress is still slow and all other projects are unofficially on hold. I'm still working on everything else, but my main focus is on the Kora Chronicles and that will be what I do most of my updating on in the next little while. Please continue to read and review, it's what keeps me going, and I will try to update soon. Thank you to all those who have read and reviewed my work.

Update (Saturday, September 18, 2010 1:50 AM): I'm still writing, but I stopped posting it on here a while ago and I have removed the two things that I had posted on here. I will no longer be posting on FictionPress.


Xeros Armera

Please Read & Review

Xie xie.



Thank You.

P.S. Feel free to email about my work, writing in general or just the weather if you so choose. I don't really expect anyone to see this anyway so I'm not concerned about traffic or anything, this is really just for me.

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