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Okay, info time! I am Cheska, aka Siarei, Chiarei, or Drai Sheilrem. Don't ask about the last one. Looong story and I'm not about to tell it as I tell other stories. Anyways, I'm into writing, poetry, classical music, jazz, rap... And a whole cornocopia of other stuff. Any song with a beat, and I'll make a dance to it. Just as long as it doesn't have front- or back-hand springs, of course. Oh yeah, I live in Miami, Florida. If you're in the Doral area, please message me and we'll see if we can set up a meet. Even if you don't want to meet, message me anyways. I love to chat, especially roleplay. Can't do anything based off of anything else, though. Same goes for my writing. Can't write fan fiction for crap.

Couple o' notes:

I will not be continuing Project X, since I haven't any idea as to how to go forth with it. It will be staying up for now, in case anyone wants to see it... I might continue it eventually.

MSN/Windows Messenger: [email protected]

AIM: NicaRica Cheska

Yahoo Messenger: kikyo_apprentice221

Aaaaaand some more stuff!

Favorite Song: "Green Dolphin Street" -Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Least Favorite Song: ...No comment
Favorite Anime Theme: Motherland ^^ From Fullmetal Alchemist
Favorite Food: Strawberries. 'Dis 'em and die. :-K
Least Favorite Food: Pasta XP

Likes: Cuban Jazz, manga, manhwah, anime, strawberry cereal, strawberry ice cream, just about anything with strawberries
Dislikes: Rock music (well, not all of it), fake and horribly dubbed anime, emos, anyone who complains alot, people who don't like strawberries... some are okay.

I'm wondering... why are gays and lesbians considered sick and dirty in the USA? And why are people trying to make a law against same-sex marriage? Seriously! I mean, in the US, does not the Constitution allow pursuit of happiness? Loving someone who is the same gender of youseems to fall under "pursuit of happiness." Also, it's a claim that the law is attempting to be passed because same-sex relationships are considered "dirty" by religions. HELLO, STUPID PEOPLE?! First Amendment garuntees freedom of religion! Just because you find it disgusting doesn't mean you're allowed to disobey centuries-old law!

What I really hate are men (no offense to anyone) who claim to be super duper uber macho and consume vast quantities of alcohol... And all say how gay people are sick. Same goes for anti-lesbians. Someone's sexuality isn't your problem if it's not hurting you directly. Homosexuality isn't a disease that can be spread, and if you're looking for a loop hole in this sentence, it's not a disease, either. Stop protesting against it.

Oh, and if anyone's wondering... I'm Catholic. And I love to receive complaints concerning my rants. Thank you and have a nice day!

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