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Author has written 4 stories for Nature, General, Friendship, and Song.
name: Lela Firesong
birthday: 2/14/91
location: i live in Ohio
birth: born in Fort Worth Texas in a hospital
nicknames: bubbles, Mountineer, Kazena-chii, Lelina, Sal, Dorky Porky, Sally chan
Fake name on internet: Lela Firesong
gender: female, i hope.
pets: 4 cute cats and 2 stupid dogs
species: i would guess elven. my friend says im also a witch but thats because she's a wierdo.
IQ: anywhere over 126. Why does it matter?
sanity: 6% normal (been tested)
murders: i have never killed anyone that im aware of.
injured: i've never injured anyone on purpose

-swinging off trees with rope
-my sister and i throwing sticks at each other and block with another stick
-spending my days on the computer
-going to movie theatres
-hang out with friends

favorite Mangas
-Ceres (all the way man!)
-fushigi yugi

favorite t.v. shows
-Law & order

my favorite mood
-insanity (i don't feel it as much as i should)

PLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE go to this website and R&R this story. we want to rebel against a teacher who flunked that story. And thank u very much for those who review that story.


side note: just because my friend on fictionpress is against gays, does not mean i am. i dont giv if ur gay or straight. just R&R my work and i'll defenantly come and R&R ur work.

-people who kill animals for a sport or prank
-people who are rude and abnoxious to other people who didn't do anything wrong


inukag all the way

i'm more of a positive than a negative person

i dont care if i get reviews of critisism because that is how i'll improve in my writing. and compliment me too if u want.

P.S. if u dont like me for any reason, well then u can just fuck up and die for all i care.

on the contrary, i hope u like the stuff that i post up. Please enjoy wat u read!

happy as daggers,

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Falling in hatred reviews
It's about suicides. i used a rythm of a song to create this poem. i wrote it while i was bored in school. please r/r
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Trust reviews
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spring time
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