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Hi all! Anyone who's looking for an update should be advised that all I have on here are one-shots and poems, so they will not be updated. I shall, however, post more stories if that's what you're looking for.

WHOOOOOOEEEEEEE!! I'm participating in SerialXLain's Xmas Story Exchange (info here)

Whoever gets my name, I like sci fi, fantasy, and horror á la Psycho (as opposed to horror á la Saw 46548).

If you're terrible at writing those, take heart. I just want a good story with a strong plot, believeable characters, and lots of citrus _ (lol j/k... or am I?)

HERE is my account in case you want to read more of my work or just want to check out FF.

Here, too, is my bio in verse:

Time to Fade

now it is my time to fade

into the mists of the night

for i am the sacred night

the very essence of its smoky haze

you thought for a moment you saw

but then was gone

now i make a quick bow and must be on my way

to meld with insubstantial clouds of that which I call home

my presence never lingers

only touches

even then is often barely noticed

only a passing vapor

a puff of smoke, I curl pleasingly among your scented air

i dance for you awhile and am gone

forever forgotten

maybe filed away in a dusty corner of your mind

out of sight and into the darkness

a haze that fades before you’re sure it’s been

i thread among you, bend at your request

blend in and often

only that is required of me

never bending you to my will

never straining against yours

smoke is easily blown aside

now is my time to fade

into the mists of the night

for i am the sacred night

the very essence of its smoky haze

you thought for a moment you saw

but then was gone

This poem is a special lil bonus for you who visited my profile; it's not posted as an actual entry anywhere on the site.

A word of caution for anyone reading my favorites list for a good read. You're certainly welcome to do so, but it's sort of misleading. It's really more of a "what I'm reading right now" list than a "favorites I've ever read" list. Everything I read gets on my favorites list at some point, because I use it as a set of quick links to all the stories I'm reading so I can check them for updates in one fell swoop. If I ever get around to creating a C2, that will be a better place to look for my actual favorites.

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