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Hello, my fair public. My name is Vandagirl, and you will read my poetry/stories/songs. Well, you don't have to, but it's a very good idea. If you don't like them, then... it's not like it'd be a waste of your time. It would be a reminder that you are much better than everyone else on this site. But read and review it anyways. Thanks.

I ask for reviews, but I don't write just for reviews. I write because I feel like expressing my emotions through something other than informal speech (like talking to a friend, for example). And I like reviews because I love it when people tell me that they actually read the crap I posted on here, and I don't really care that much when they say they like it or not. I hope that they do like it, but it's ok if they don't like it as well. I appreciate all honesty, and I beg for reviews because it makes me feel better about my writing and that I know that people are willing to be kind enough to read it all. I thank all of you whole-heartedly. _

Well... if you'd like to know, here's some stuff about me so you don't have to read a story written by some person that keeps everything to herself. I know there are stalkers, but I won't put stuff on here that'll put me in danger...

Name: Like I said, I won't put that kind of stuff down. Just call me Vandagirl or something along the lines of that.

Age: Ha, I'm 18 now. I haven't updated my profile in 2 years! Go me!

Birthday: May 19th.

Favorite Shows: I usually watch cartoons (NO ONE'S TOO OLD FOR CARTOONS!), and I'm wild about Teen Titans. :D I like anime too, but I don't watch it that often.

Favorite Bands: I love 3 Doors Down, The Goo Goo Dolls and Collective Soul (even though, like, NO ONE has ever heard of them! But they're so cool! ). But I also like Evanescance, Breaking Benjamin, some Kelly Clarkson, Sarah McLachlan, and others...

Favorite Songs: sigh There are lots, but I'll list a few:
3DD: Kryptonite, Be Like That, When I'm Gone, Away from the Sun, The Road I'm On, Here Without You, Changes, It's Not Me, Let Me Go, Landing in London, Behind Those Eyes, Father's Son, and Here By Me... (I like more, but there are so many I like, and I had to limit it somehow!)
GGD: Sympathy, Here Is Gone, Big Machine, Truth is a Whisper, Slide, Black Balloon, Name, Iris, Acoustic #3, Think About Me, Better Days, Dizzy, Broadway, Bullet Proof, and more...
CS: The World I Know, December, Untitled, Precious Declaration, Blame, Listen, Heavy, She Said, After All, Better Now, Him, Counting the Days, Burning Bridges, and so many more... I can't remember them all! Gosh!

Most of my poems end up being about my best guy friend... just thought I'd share that. In fact, I don't go a day without thinking about him in some way. I don't know, he just means a lot to me, so he is a big, fat, giant influence on my writing, and he doesn't even know it... he kind of doesn't know a lot of other things either, but that's ok. He's got me, and that's all that matters. _

Favorite Websites: (my fanfiction profile. Check it out if you're a fan of Teen Titans!)
If you are a Robin and Starfire shipper from Teen Titans, or just a fan of the show in general, this is the best place ever. I'm dead serious. I'm one of those people who hates forums because of all the stupid people, but this one is different. Try it out. The community is amazing and you'll make some great friends!

Don't be stupid in front of me. If I critique your story, don't flame me back because that's immature. If you want to discuss what I said, then go right ahead and tell me the problem with my critique and I will help you out. And I will never flame anyone's story because that's rude. And don't flame any of my stories either. If you have a problem with it don't swear at me or insult me. Just tell me what you didn't like and maybe I'll get back to you on it.

And... I have a story I've been working on since 7th grade, The Unbreakable Heart: Undazzled, and I only have 16 hits, one review, and one alert, and it's been up since August of last year. I haven't updated in a while because I don't have much time to. But if you could do me a favor and tell me how it is so far, great!

And that is all.



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