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Pen Name: Yayap

Online Alias: Psychophan7

Age: I lost my abacus, sorry.

Location: At an internet cafe serving MochaSQL and Java.

Contacting Me: I have an email account. I use gmail and my alias. If you put two and two together, you should get the single answer. I think this is actually division, but oh well. The basic format you'll want to use is: alias at domain dot com. I'm thinking I'm clever for that. If you have to contact me urgently (which I doubt you will and do mind that you don't), try contacting me on AIM. Yes, it too is my alias. If you, for some unknown reason, want to play against or with me on Xbox Live, again, alias; I do NOT accept random invites or invites with messages.

A blurb about ME: I'm a person. I write stuff. Sometimes it's hardcore action stuff where even the simplest movement such as moving a finger gets an entire page just describing the motion. I don't like to write those, they bore me. I have more fun writing stuff that's short and to the point, but at the same time exercising as much detail as possible. This will get you about thirty seconds of fight scene in one page of Word (although I use Open Office, far more free and non-invasive about what I want to do with my number of question marks). What I like to think I do well with is describing locations. Nouns and adjectives are far more fun than verbs.

A real blurb about me: I don't think I'll tell you right now.

What drives my writing: Sometimes I'll be drawing something or colouring or whatever artistic thing I'll be up to and think, "I wonder how much blood I can write about in a single paragraph? How long would that paragraph have to be? Where would it happen? Why? When? Forget when and why, let's get as much blood everywhere wherever the where is. Where was I? Oh right, wheel throwing a clay mug."
Sometimes I'll just be listening to music (more on this later) and I'll think, "That's an inspirational lyric. I really like that melody, too. I wonder how much blood can be spillt while fitting that rhythm..." I'm a tad violent. I saw 300 and laughed at the amount of blood and gore and violence I saw. I'll leave it at that because the rest isn't safe for children under the age of 30. Anyhow, yeah, art and music. Life events, too. There's actually a lot of things that get me writing. I'll just make a list and tell what inspired me to initially write it and what drives me to write it now. That's always fun.

Orion Drop Unit: I had been playing Halo for a year by now and read The Fall of Reach. I had ideas floating about of my own on a somewhat related topic, so I drew inspiration from Halo to write it down. I gave up on it because it's just sooo boring writing about an entire group. It's even more boring having to write about individuals in the group. All in all, a trashed work that had such great potential. I want to rewrite it some day because it's trash as it is now, but I'm not going to do it because it'll bore me. Here's a spoiler: They go crazy and kill each other at the end except for Phal. No joke, that's how I intended on ending it. Only Phal died too, but in a different way.

Nightshade (Original): I was playing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. I just love stealth action. I think I was also reading Shakespeare at the time. Maybe it was neither but derived from the Thief games? I don't know, but the writing style is just so bad that I scrapped it entirely. The first chapter (and the first half of the second one) exist somewhere. I don't recommend viewing it until after you read chapter two or three of the rewrite, as there are spoilers. There's a comparison sample somewhere. I like it and it is cleaner. Just don't follow the links, they may be broken. Or go to something that I might put up later here.

GIDOS: I think I was playing MechWarrior. Like the first two, this is trash.

Theres something that goes here and I don't really know what. I just know it was trashed for trashing purposes.

Nightshade (Rewrite): I was actually rereading the original Nightshade to compare how I write by my standards today. Instead of comparing Zelda fanfic to original fiction, I rewrote the first paragraph or two of the original Nightshade as I would write my precious Zelda fanfic (which is awesome, by the way). I still don't like how it's written, but I'll live with knowing it's not FUBAR anymore.

Sleep: Heh. It's been a bit over three years since I last wrote anything major (other than the tentative Zelda stuff). Sometimes I lose track of time. About three years ago there was someone I knew. This collection of poetry details the period of time they existed in during my life. I'm not going to say any more about it, because I'd like it if people would look at it, read it, interpret it, and then offer their ideas as to what happened, why it happened, when, where, all that other good speculative stuff.

The Eugenics War: Whether or not I actually write this depends on one thing: Whether or not I feel like writing about it. It's basically about Nazis and super soldiers. Good stuff, eh? Other than the first chapter (which doesn't even exist online), this thing has no content. Well there is a prologue, but it's misleading.

Awake/Concious/Subsist: The collection of poetry that will follow "Sleep". This will mostly detail another person who exists in my life. Title is tentative.

What was I doing? Yeah, I play games and stuff, too. I play a bit of Halo 2, will play Halo 3, a bit of Crackdown (not for the Halo 3 beta), some Gears of War, and I have my eyes on World of Warcraft and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for Xbox Live Arcade. Fun fact: I played it when it was on PlayStation. A lot of the people I know haven't and that makes me better because I've been loving the game for... I think six years now? Not six weeks like those other jerks.

I said I'd mention music (I think) above. I like to listen to metal. Power metal. Epic metal. Epic power metal? I love to listen to Kamelot. If you don't know who they are, search YouTube for "sweden kamelot mephisto" and watch the longest (4:30?) video. Not my favorite song, but I'd have loved to have been in the audience. Because of Kamelot, I like Epica, too. Epica isn't quite metal, but it does have a symphony and guitars and stuff. Because of Epica and a friend, I have some Nightwish, but I don't really like them, but they may grow on me. Nightwish also toured with Epica, Kamelot, and Metallica (not at the same time, I think). Because of the person who originally sent me a Kamelot song, I also like Dragonforce. Because of someone else who likes Dragonforce linked me, I also like Rhapsody of Fire. Because of a different person who shares a common Metallica bond, I also like Pantera and some Iron Maiden (again, Maiden has to grow on me, as does some Pantera). Because of my sister (who exposed me to Metallica) I also like Joe Satriani. And because someone else who sent me my first taste of Dragonforce, I also like Sonata Arctica. A person who likes Kamelot, Dragonforce, and Sonata Arctica suggests I should check out Rush. I also enjoy orchestral and classical music, as well as "indie" classical and orchestra, and I have some Halo soundtrack and other various things thrown in. If there are strings, piano, or guitar, I'm bound to like it. All three? I'll love it and hold it dear with me at night.

I guess thats all. Oh, when reviewing, try to address something specific about what it is you're reviewing. While "It was good, I liked it." is acceptable, you could at least say why you liked it. Also, I don't like this editor interface. It confuses me :(

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