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Stories discontinued until further notice.

Please note: Anything further up on the page is more recent, anything on the bottom is years of experience past and not nearly as good as what's going through my head now. Needless to say, things that are posted near the top are what I'm more proud of and less embarrassed of. Thank you!

Abandoned: (expect title to be changed) A pastor and his family...living in a quaint little town. You'd think that everything would be lovely? So then what caused them to fall apart? Why is their father growing distant, why is their mother slowly becoming an alcoholic? And what's the message from the doctor after their father's car crash? SHORT STORY--BASED ON A TRUE STORY. It's only going to be a few chapters, but I'm trying to make this one so emotionally stirring, it'll never let you think the same. ROUGH DRAFT POSTED--expect several drafts. APRIL 14, 06: yes, I know, it seems like I've disappeared with this one, but I haven't. It's been on my to-do list for a LOOONG time. I know how it's going to finish, I just have to write it out. Please give me a bit of time for it.

A Place Called Heaven: This is my newest story, and I intend to make it so much more than any of my other stories. I currently am working on two stories that have to do with the Holocaust, APCH, which is already posted, and another story, entitled Diaries of Death. Don't expect this one to be uploaded any time soon because it's much more delicate than APCH. However, I made a Yahoo!Group for Diaries, and have made it a co-group for Heaven. For pictures and the documents for both of them, please come to the site.

Click to join DiariesofDeath

I can't gurantee that it will be updated frequently, but there will be links to my sources, pictures, the documents, both rough drafts and final drafts, as well as anything else that may have inspired me. Many many thanks to Evionn for helping me out with Heaven, because I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have the information that she provided me. A/N OCT 20, 06: Sorry guys, but with moving and school and everything, I haven't had time to work on this, but I promise, as soon as things settle down again I'll put up a new chapter. I've been thinking on what I want to happen. I'm still editing it and changing the chapters; an old teacher of mine is reading it, too, and giving me her advice, so many thanks to her. But just wait a little longer, until, then, ON HIATUS!

Highland Square Tower: This is an idea I'm just dabbling with. I've written out the first chapter already, but I'm not quite sure where I'm going with it from there. It's...full of possibilities, I guess you'd say, and also not the kinda thing that I usually write. Thriller, definitely, and a bit of horror, possibly. The basic summary: Jack Nolan is a news reporter with a tainted past--he's had several suicidal attempts before giving up and living out his life to the fullest. However, a "breaking news" episode reveals a decapitated boy hanging from Highland Square Tower, same as Jack's first suicidal attempt. What are the pieces of poetry from his high school journal, referencing his numerous endeavors at suicide? And on top of it all, a ghost from the past may be back.

Sound interesting? Like usual, the summary is nothing compared to the story, but if you'd like to read the first chapter, please just IM or email me--I'd be more than happy to show it. I also want as much CC as I can--a friend has already said that it's the best she's ever read from me, but I would like as many opinions as possible.

My Random Poems: A collection of the poems that I write, taken from my journal. Tons more to come. Please, read if you feel like it. NOTE: There are only a couple that I like from when I first started writing poetry. These are the ones that are posted near the bottom, given that they were the first I've written. I like the ones that I've written lately more, so if you're going to RnR a poem, please take one that's closer to the top.

My random short stories/one-shots: These I write just for fun. Expect to see a lot of these, because I find so much inspiration for one-shots instead of full novels.

The Letter: New information: I'll be writing several drafts of this story because I want to turn it in for a competition in my local newspaper. I just rewrote a new draft, so please read. Summary: He was her whole world, and then he went off to war. In his last letter he reveals that not only did her brother die in war too, but he's dying from injuries. What in his letter makes her consider suicide even 15 years later? What makes her reconsider? What is her final decision?

Over Me: Has religious connotations; can you catch them? See summary.

Surprise! and I Wish: Written for an English assignment. They're ok, nothing special.

Anyway, if you R&R something purely out of interest or to return a favour, please do one of my one-shots. They're what I'm most proud of (some of them) and I would prefer as much criticism on these as possible.

(updated January 28, 2006)

RnR whatever you feel like! I return the favour, as always. Sometimes it just takes me a while. If you just want comment on my bio, or if you have a question, you can review (as I've said) or email me! I would prefer AIM or email, though.

Sincerely yours,


In response to a review that I've received, (I won't point out names, and to be fair I'll delete the review) I understand that some of my titles are the same as movies. But in my defense, I didn't know it at the time of writing the story. I'd honestly never heard of the movie What Lies Beneath, and when I'd heard about the movie I can say that I was rather put out. However, I'm not going to change the title of the story simply because a movie carries the same one. While the title itself is plagiarized, as I understand it is, the story itself is different, and this website is for authors that just want to post their works somewhere, not caring about the consequences, as in my situation. I have another story called Hide and Seek, and at the time of writing it I also didn't know that it was a movie. However, I've racked my brain for another title and there simply isn't one. What name I give my stories is my own business; I'm not stealing the story line of another concept. In the words of the reviewer, "I've said my peace."

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