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This morning I recieved one of the biggest shocks of my life, one that I hope non of you will ever have to get. My ex, whom I still care for, died sometime this past week. My heart goes out to his family. He was and still is well loved. I'll always remember you Adam Williams.

I have a story in the process for FictionPress.com but It's on hold for now, due to the info I recieved this morning...(see above) Thank you for your pacience with me. I will have a story of some sorts up as soon as I can get over the initial shock from today.


Hey Peeps. Let's start off with the basics shall we?

Name: Sam

Age: Couldn't tell you seeing as how I don't even know!

Where I am: Sitting in my computer chair.

Ok. Now that that is over.


I like to read and write. I play sports but I suck so if you ever need a sports person to save your life, don't call me...I listen to alot of music. I like it all. Alternative is my main though. I love the old rock too. Great stuff! I play in my High School Marching Band...and we rock! I love to hang out with my friends and to drive...I love being able to drive! lolz anyway. I love anime and Harry Potter. I Love it...It's so awesome! lolz I Am a HUGE myspace fan...I'm always on there so if you want to add me my URL is " yea... for now it's set to private but dont worry! That's me! lolz


My dreams consist of ending the senceless death of the children of the world. Stopping abortion...all that good, nice stuff...

My REAL dream though... is To Find the Truth in my Life!

Favorite Quotes.

There's no day but today. - Rent

I wish you were a Pinata... - my tee shirt.

Carpe Diem, Carp Musica. - Band Room at CHS.

Fuck you Ben Franklen! - Final Destination 3.

People who scare me...

My friend Ashley...her mum is the scaryist person EVER! There was this band of gangster chickens in her yard and they were HUGE and picked on all the little chickens. Well...here mum has this thing for revenge so she caught the chickens in the act of scaring the little chickens and she chased them with a SHOWER CURTAIN ROD! SHE BEAT ONE OF THEM TO DEATH...then killed the rest of them for fun...JUST FOR FUN! Ash and her family had chicken for like...a week...DO NOT PISS HER OFF!

Then there is my friend Ashley (yes the same one with the chicken killing mum...). Ash keeps trying to give me Breast Cancer... No matter what I do, she hits me in the boobs...ALL THE DAMN TIME! FOR NO REASON! It's not kewl...

I don't like crowds of people... AT ALL! I cannot walk in a theme park by myself because I will freak out... I went to Carowins with my marching band, hung out in the kiddi park all day with Dan, but thats OK cause I would have gotten left by my friends anyway and I LOVE DAN! ...ummm...yea...so anyway... We stopped to watch the parade then started to follow the crowd, but I couldnt and Dan just hugged me and said that it was OK and we could wait for the crowd to subside...

I guess that's about it really...I'm not scared by much...

People I love and Miss a Great Deal!

Dan Upchruch. Dan was there for me ALL of last year. We were in Marching/concert band together and he was the best man in the world. Still is but i havn't seen him for a couple of months...he went away to College... I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU DAN!

Josh Gaisser Gaisser. Gaisser is sooo funny! Always someone you could turn to. He had the best advice ever. He is awesome to be around and cares about his friends soooo uber much! I love him for that! But...he is at college and I havnt seen him since graduation last year...MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU GAISSER!

There's more but I just miss these two the most! lolz LOVE YOU ALL THAT WENT AWAY TO COLLEGE AND HAVN'T COME BACK TO SEE ME YET!

Adam Williams. Adam, you were my friend, my boy friend, my enemy, and my friend again. This morning I was told you died. I'll never forget you. You were fun to be around, easy to talk to, and all around a good person. I love you and miss you. Good-bye...


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