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Well I figured I Really need to update so Im just doing plain bio:

Name: Harmony
B-day: 4/6/89
Place: Haymarket Virginia
School: Sophmore at Stonewall Jackson High School
Things I Do: Drummer, Writter and Photographer
Ims: Jamesk8ergrl820, DeathtotheP1x1es, Strawbrryf1elds, L1ttleCandyR1ng, xGho3tofCharl1ex
Photosites: search for LittleCandyRing OR LostandGoneForever, Im trying to make another site so I can personalize it more but it is not working out. I will post it when I get it upand running.

I read this on someones Journal, i thought it made a lot of sence even though i really dont like the guy who wrote it. But still the way he put it is amazing:
"My dad lectured me about how im "screwing my life away" because i dont strive to get the best grades ever so i can be insanely rich and have a good life. I dont beleive that at all. i think i can live a quality life without having to have a huge supply of money. I beleive that quality of life should never be described by how many little knick knacks and other things that you own. Mebbe im old fasioned or new fasioned or just dont thik the same way as every body else. But dont get me wrong it would be nice if i become rich because my band makes the money but i never wann have to wear a collar. Please everyone that reads this let happiness be what drives you not the worship of money and possestions."

"Don't cry over anyone who won't cry over you."

I Love Silent Stalker
Twelve Roses Silent Stalker

"Twelve red roses stand together
Holding strong against the weather
Left by him to show his sorrow
To the one he called his own
But while he would always love her
She had gone and found another
Screwed him after working hours
Said she'd be late coming home
And he always would believe her
Thought that she would never roam
Lying in the bed alone

Twelve weak roses bending, swaying
Just above a corpse decaying
Paying for the time she told him
He was not the only one
She confessed that she'd been cheating
Told about their every meeting
Said the other loved her better
That her time with him was done
Told him that she never loved him
Swore that it was just for fun
Her true love had just begun

Twelve dead roses, breaking, falling
As he stood above recalling
When he dragged her up the stairwell
Telling her what she will owe
One last time he said he loved her
Right before he quickly shoved her
Pushed her from the open window
To the picket fence below
And he watched her slowly suffer
From the rage he had to show
For his pain she had to go

Twelve black roses, lying, rotten
Over top a love forgotten
By the one that had adored her
Scarred forever from the pain
And as if he never knew her
He'd no longer venture to her
She was left now to the maggots
He'd no longer bear her shame
As the house now stood abandoned
With the grave which had no name
Left there in the pouring rain"

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