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okay Hi there my name is Felicia and i love to read in my spare time and write also i have a name and things on my name on there isTaja-Chan so if u wanna go there and maybe read one or all my stories that would be nice but anywayz...

Hair: Blondeish brown

Eyes: Green sumtimes blue depends on my mood

Height: about5'7 or 5'8im kinda short i know

Age: I look 15 but real age is unknown.

Weight: never ask a lady her weight

Hobbies: tourture people on, make friends on the internet because i dont do that well in person..., talk on the phone, chat on the internet, go to school... i knoe it is way out of subject but when summer comes its like nooooooo but then again when school comes back its also like nooooo but anyway yea

i love romance books they inspire me just like math class dose i dun knoe why but i get the best story idea's during math class when im off in my own world called the planet of electricity i can justsit in asnow covered meadow and think of the best things but anywayz thats enough of this...

also i love to blade well sk8 becaz my mom has this crazy idea that im going to work at a sonic when im old enough for after school things but i doubt it but then again just in case im bladeing around getting better and better... i hope lol

i love anime, anime is so awsome my fav. show'sare InuYasha, Wolf's Rain, FLCL (they took it off the air :( )CCS, Slayers, Dragon Ball, BDZ, BDZGT, Family Guy, South Park... And a few more.

my fave characters are: on Inuyasha: Sesshomaru, on Wolf's Rain: Toboe, on FLCL: the robot, on CCS: Sakura, Slayers: Naga, Dragon Ball (Z, GT): Trunks, Family Guy: Stewie, South Park: Kenny!

yea you can feel free to im me when ever u like but i warn u my computer is kinda... down so im on at school for a while ... BUMMER!!!!

i have a thing for monkeys, Wovles, and Dragons, Pixies, Mythical creatures, Fairy's, and the color white! im ubsessed!!!

thats about all but ya never know im weird in my own way and have much much more to say but this isnt chat this is a profile so i cant keep going on and on and on like i want to so I will just say that NO I do not have many stories or none on many sites because I start them but never seem to finish after so many chapters...

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