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Hello everyone. I abandoned this place a long time ago when I became wrapped up in RPing (I won't hide the fact that I'm a dork), but now that I've found my love of creating characters and reading overwhelming, I've come to renew my love of writing my original stuff again. Mostly, I have a lot of old short stories that I wrote when I was younger and naive. A lot has changed since I last updated this profile - and I do mean a lot. It's been around five years actually, and my writing has changed incredibly. For the better, I hope. I seem to have a lot of poetry and songs on here that I wrote in the past, which is actually not something I like to write. I adore poetry, but struggle with it. I'm more of a short story writer.

I'm currenly a freshmen at college, majoring in Criminal Justice. When I first enrolled, I was majoring in Pre-Law, but changed my mind after orientation. I believed that I wanted to be a lawyer, but the more I researched it, the more I realized how interested I am in the law enforcement side of law. With that, I hope to become involved in that somehow, maybe through the federal government or even the local government. I can't say what I want. I can say that I wasn't as good as I should have been my first semester, so now that I'm becoming involved in my writing and swimming again, I'll be more into school. I need to put more effort into it. Also, I'm probably going to minor in Spanish or Psychology, maybe both. I'm much more interested in Psychology, but Spanish would help a lot, and I'm good at it.

I'm a pretty big bookworm, I'll cop to that. After all, other than reading a book around once a week during the school year, I also read my mother and aunt's college psychology textbooks. I'm that interested in it, but mostly abnormal psychology. You can probably find me reading a Chuck Palahniuk book, as he's my favorite author of all time. I literally have every single of his books, though my favorites have to be Fight Club and Invisible Monsters. I thought Invisible Monsters was slow at first, but by the end of it, the twists were so crazy that I was captivated by it. While I'm reading Survivor now, I'm going to take a break from Chuck to read A Thousand Splendid Suns. After reading The Kite Runner, I couldn't get over it. Surprisingly, my favorite book isn't by Chuck Palahniuk. My favorite book - which I believe that everyone should read - is The Book Thief by Markus Zukas. It's beautiful and tragic and has the most interesting writing style of all time. Go read it now!

Also, I'm a big movie buff. I read about them all the time, so I can name a lot of them, even movies that haven't come out yet, and the actors/actresses that are in them. It's a random talent of mine that is useless. My favorite movie is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which no one seems to have heard of; however, those that have seen it know just how great it is. Plus, Robert Downey Jr. is in it, and he's probably one of my all time favorite actors. David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, and Steven Spielberg are among my favorite directors. I'm a huge DC and Marvel freak. I could go on about Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for hours. I can rave about Iron Man and how excited I am for Iron Man 2 and The Avengers - or perhaps just the chance to see RDJ again. Zodiac was brilliant, and I love it. Do I even need to mention Fight Club? Edward Norton is amazing! Have you seen American History X and The Incredible Hulk?? I've seen each Jurrassic Park movie too many times, every Jaws more than I can count, and every Indiana Jones movie there is. I might as well add that I terribly enjoy the Star Wars series. And yes, I'm going to see Star Trek. I'm very capable of obsessing about James Bond, especially Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. I love Daniel Craig - period - and here I thought no one could best Sean Connery. Layer Cake was fabulous, and I cannot wait for Defiance. Might as well cop to being a Jamie Bell fangirl. Also: The Departed is a masterpiece by Martin Scorcese, who deserved an oscar a long time ago. Matt Damon is fabulous and I actually liked Leonardo DiCaprio, but Mark Wahlberg OWNED it. Let's not forget the Bourne movies. I'm more of an action/thriller movie girl, but I've been known to give in to Reese Witherspoon movies and occassionally even - yes - Jennifer Lopez movies. I love Shia LaBeouf. I used to want to marry him. Poor me. Who didn't like Transformers though? I have yet to watch the end of Eagle Eye though.

I watch too much TV. That's a given fact. I love the paranormal, so I watch probably every paranormal show there is, and also every cop drama show out there. I grew up on The X-Files, Law & Order, and Unsolved Mysteries. True fact. You could tell that I was only going to get worse as I got older. My first TV crush was David Duchovney, after all. These days, I watch things like Supernatural, Burn Notice, Reaper, House, Lost, Psych, Paranormal State, every Law & Order, every CSI, Ghost Hunters, Cold Case, FBI Files, First 48 Hours, and Monk. USA is my favorite channel, obviously. I hate most reality shows, especially American Idol, but I do have my guilty pleasures, such as America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, and Top Chef. I also love Iron Chef and Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters.

Don't even get me started on music. I can last for days talking about all the music I love. I won't even bother trying to say all the music I like - just know that it varies and there's a lot of it. Perhaps my FAVORITE are: Something Coporate, Relient K, Maroon 5, Laura Marling, Rilo Kiley, and The Vitamin String Quartet. I want to say more, but I'll control myself. -cough3oh!3andlupefiascocough- hehehe. I have too many band t-shirts, very sad fact, as it makes me only wear jeans and t-shirts.

As for writing... well, I've been writing since I was around...I'd say since I was in seventh grade. Bad times always bring out the angsty author, eh? I didn't get really serious about until a few years ago, and I really want to actually write a book and have it published. That will take me a long time and a lot of research though. For now, I'm just going to work on sharpening my skills as an author. Thanks to RPing, I've actually been around some amazing writers that have helped teach me a lot. Here's to hoping I can one day be half as good as some of them.

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A Social Experiment on Being Bad reviews
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