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Hee Hee I know how to use this now yay.
Well, my name is Candace, and hee hee you rock if you have been reading my stories, sorry if you are a fan of the second one of Dream Hunk, but I'm at kind of a dilema, at this moment, I kind of added some big drama, and I kind of think I'm kind of killing the story so sorry, but I guess as soon as I can I'll post it and find out.
I know I am just starting stories and not finishing them, but it is so frustrating, when you are stuck on a boring part of it, and you have thoughts of a new one, that you just can't wait to put down, grrr, the irony of it all.
I have writers block for one story, but my mind is just flowing with ideas, on another, how evil Satan is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay you guys might want to know a little about me, and if you don't haha screw you! Well my name is Candace Kavanagh, and I am a huge fan of any anime, including Salor Moon, Inuyasha, Trigun, Wolf's Rain, along with many others.
I am now into reading Mars a very kickass mangs, about a motorcycle rider, you should read it is very sweet.
I have short black hair that my friend cut with a pair of scissors, while we were waiting for Inuyasha, I'm in ninth grade, at Mount Miguel High School, yeah that school was on the news for a lock down, but it was totally blown out of poportion, people did not have guns, and no weapons were involved, some chick just had to be taken to the hospital because she went into labor, because she was punched in the stomach.
I'm pretty insane, in every way, and that pretty sums me up in a few sentances, now read my stories or I will send evil voodoo dolls to your house!

I have now the best movie in my possesion. Moulin Rouge rocks my friggin world, gosh they have the best songs in that movie, and the plot line. AWSOME. Who doesnt love it when some prostitue falls in love. I'm serious though I love that movie, maybe that is why I have watched it sixteen times.

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so emo and really metaphorical, pretty much my take on people who really do think suicide is the answer
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Cupid is a Ferris wheel and a greasey old man with no teeth in my ideal first meeting with my true love. It all started with a discussion in English.
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