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Hey! My name's Miracle Vedilien (as if that wasn't obvious) and I promise you it will not change again... for a good while at least - I hope. Vedilien is a possible elvish name for me (my friends are slowly turning me into an LotR lover), but I usually go by Miracle. Habit I guess. You can call me either, though, but don't use both. It's a pain. Anyway, erm... I um... write! Betcha you couldn't guess that, huh? Well, I decided that, instead of writing a long pointless bio and risk sounding like an idiot (Probably too late for that, huh?), I'll use this spot to update you on what I'm working on so you can all know which chapter I work on as I work on them. However, I will say one or two things about myself: I'm obsessed with Severus Snape... if you don't like him, don't ask. And I love Numair from The Immortals. Really, if he wasn't taken by Daine, I would steal him for myself. Oh, and I suppose I should introduce my voices, huh? All right, this is Vimh.

Vimh: Hi!

Me: His name stands for Voice Inside My Head (Very creative name, yes I know). And this is Vimhaletta.

Vimhaletta: Hi!

If you really want to know more about them, read my fic "Vimh" and my author's notes. It also might help if you knew that Vimhaletta's a Hermione clone. At least, she tries to be.

Vimh: :laughs:

Me: And Vimh is erm... the annoying part of me. He's a pain and he's immature, and he's the source of most of my hyperness.

Vimhaletta: :sticks tongue out at Vimh:

Me: Oh, and they continually fight, giving me headaches.

Vimh: :evil grin:

Me: Don't even *think* about it.

Vimh: Aw!

Me: Leave, you two. I'll talk to you later.

Vimh: But-

Me: :glare:

Vimh: Fine it's boring here anyway.

:Both of them disappear:

Me: And that was the end of your tour through my strange (what some people would call demented) mind...

The Other (Unnamed) Voices Inside My Head: You all don't know the half of it!!!

Me: Right... Leave!

:Voices leave:

Me: Oh, and please leave constructive criticism! I'm dying to improve. Thanks!



~*~*~Miracle Vedilien's Story Updates~*~*~


Hey, everyone. I'm really busy with stuff like school and such, so I have very little time to myself. I won't be updating anytime soon. Sorry! But when I *do* get back, the below is pretty much the order of things.


"The Admirers" is on a *complete* stand by. Don't expect any chapters on it any time soon. *NEW: I'm thinking of copletely redoing "The Admirers" so it'll be *very* long time before you get the next chapter. Sorry!*

In the meanwhile, my other fic, "Tale as Old as Time" (TOT) is being worked on. I didn't think it would be so popular! I hope to get the next chapter put up soon.

"Forgive Me Love, I Had Not Known" (FML) is finished! Yay! Cheer!

And of course, whatever else pops into my head will be worked on...

To receive updates on my fics, email me with your email and "Miracle Vedilien's Updates" as the subject.


A Surprise Visit by Wil the Deranged Rickmaniac reviews
The Rickmaniac Girls are shocked when their idol comes to stay. Currently starring all Rickmaniacs, if u would like to be featured in this Alan Rickman story, email me. *CO-WRITTEN WITH SEV RICKMAN IN LATER CHAPTERS*
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