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When I was little, my three older sisters made a hobby of recording their own voices on tapes as characters telling a story. In the background, they would play music and tap clay pots on hard surfaces to sound like horse hooves. I would wait for days in anticipation when they boarded up in their room to record, trying to hear through the cracks in the door what the story was going to be, and in the end, I would always be chased away until the tape was finished. And when the tape was finished-! My sisters would go all out, transforming their room into a plush theater with food and pillows and blankets for my comfort. My little sister and I would giggle and wring our little hands in excitement as we were led through the bedroom door on a "red carpet" (usually a towel) while the three older sisters welcomed us and made sure we were comfortable. And then the tape would start to play. My little sister and I would become lost in the world that our sisters had created for us- the world of the princesses Mia and Zephronia, and the world of the Centaur Zepphora. It's no wonder that I am still fascinated by the art of story-telling!

I will forever remember the day that Rachel, the oldest of my sisters, came up with the idea of writing a story, instead of telling it on a tape. It was such a new idea to me! Write? Write down a story? What an incredibly splendid idea! My sister was a genius! I waited eagerly for her to finish this book she had planned so that I could read it. I waited several hours. I waited days. I waited weeks. Finally, I begged Rachel to let me read what she'd written so far. It NEVER took this long to record a story on a tape! When I learned that Rachel hadn't even finished the first page yet, my impatience pushed me to do something I never would have thought to do otherwise-- I started to write my own book. I was eight years old and the story was about a mermaid named Lissie. Every day I wrote and every day Lissie had a new adventure- she saved a Dolphin from a coral reef and named it Polly; she found a dark witch's castle and dared herself to explore it; she befriended a witch named Linda and together while playing with magic, they became humans. I wrote and re-wrote Lissie's story until I was eleven years old and it became more logical and realistic (that is, as logical and realistic as a tale about a mermaid princess can be).

Rachel never did really start her book and my sisters all grew to be far too busy to entertain my little sister and me with silly, embarrassing tapes of themselves pretending to be giants and talking eagles and dragons and princesses. It was at this time that, through searching the internet, I discovered that other kids, like me, also enjoyed writing their own stories. I devoured story after story on self-publishing sites, always trying to figure out how to post my own stories. Then along came fictionpress! I'd never yet found a site with so many stories and so many authors on it! I wanted to be a part of it at once!

As I, now about twelve or thirteen years old, sat at my computer, preparing to post my first chapter of Lissie's story, I hesitated. Suddenly my Little Mermaid story seemed so silly and childish. For the first time, fear of what others would think of my story crept into my previously-naive mind. Then an even greater fear came- a fear that no one would read it at all! The Legend of Two Worlds, my mermaid story, was precious to me and I didn't want anyone to criticise it, so I decided to write an experimental story- just something to figure out how fictionpress worked. Thus was born The Apprentice, my historically-inaccurate tale of a young man named William Ingals and the love of his life during the Revolutionary War. I enjoyed writing that one so well, that I postponed posting The Legend of Two Worlds so that I could write a sequel to The Apprentice : an equally-flawed story called When Johnny Comes Marching Home. Poorly-written though they be, they are still on fictionpress for anyone to read. My computer died a few years ago and they are now the only copies I have of those two stories. Someday I intend to go back and re-write those two.

I write for my own enjoyment. My stories are not great and they, most likely, will never be seen anywhere but on fictionpress. But I do have bigger projects in my head that I plan to start when I have the time to dedicate to them. I do want to publish something someday, just as every other writer does. Thank you for your support in reading my stories! I love them despite their many, many, many faults, and it pleases me more than I can say when others like them as well!

Now for the "interesting" info on me for all of the curious people in the world who care. :)

Hobbies: Writing (ha ha, in case you couldn't tell), reading, art, DANCING!, singing (cough, cough), acting, and daydreaming.

Favorite subjects at school: History and English

Places I've lived: California, Hawaii, Utah, and Oregon (my dad was in the air force when I was younger).

Places I've been:
All of the above, along with Colorado, Mexico, Washington, Idaho, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington DC, Canada, Nevada, and... probably some other boring places that I don't remember anymore...

Places I want to go: Italy!! France, England, Ireland, Guatemala, and India

What I look like: Beautiful beyond description. (Heavy sarcasm there)

Favorite books:
Ok, here we go... The Book of Mormon, The Bible, Twilight, New Moon, The Tennishoes Among the Nephites Series, The Children of the Promise Series, Ella
Enchanted, Les Miserables, The Allience, and Gone with the Wind.

Favorite book characters:
Ammon and Captain Moroni (The Book of Mormon), Meghan (Tennishoes Series), Appolus (Tennishoes Series), Garth (Tennishoes Series), Wally (Children of the Promise Series), Charley (Charley), Darcy (Pride and Prejudice), Edward (Twilight and New Moon) and... that's it.

Alright, I think I've sufficiently bored you. So goodbye and I hope you enjoy reading my work!

Books I have on site (so far):

The Apprentice- This is about Will, a 17-year-old, former-sailor who becomes an apprentice for an old friend of his father's in Boston in 1773. He prints and delivers newspapers every day and learns of a group called the Sons of Liberty. It's against the law for an apprentice to join any political groups or do anything without their master's permission, but he can't ask his master if he can join the Sons because his master is a British gentleman and the Sons of Liberty are against the British, so he secretly joins the group. Will his will to fight for freedom destroy the love he has for a British Gentleman's daughter? Would he risk becoming her enemy to fight for what he believes in? FINISHED!

When Johnny Comes Marching Home- The sequel toThe Apprentice.
Two years have passed since Will joined the war. He is a wonderful fighter and does well in battle, but one thing still bothers him. The memory of a beautiful maiden from his past tortures his mind and stories of the goings on at Boston fill him with guilt. It seems he has destroyed the life of a girl he loved very much. He longs to see her again, but it seems impossible. FINISHED!

Among Hills of Edenbrook- Laura Knight was raised by a sweet woman in Edenbrook, Ireland when her mother left her at four years old. Now, twelve years later, Laura is thought of as an odd girl and a dramatic daydreamer by the residents of the tiny, Irish town. And, for the most part, that is exactly what she is. But can her odd ways soften the heart of a man who lost his wife? Can she teach him to love again? To notice his son again? FINISHED!

This is the story of Mercedes McBride, a half-Hispanic girl living in the age of the Cowboys, who is forced to go live with her father, the only man she's ever feared, in dusty Texas. But when he arranges for her to marry the dreaded Senor Nunez, she plans to run away on a Cattle Drive, disguised as a Cowboy. What she would never have dreamed is that she could find love on this, the wildest adventure of her life! FINISHED! Removed for publication.

Cats and Dogs- Dr. Matthew Rochester's son Nathan returns, a full-grown man- in Cats and Dogs. Refusing to follow in his father's footsteps and go to Medical school
"to learn how to cut people up", Nathan is working at a small auto-repair shop all day and coming home at night to his girlfriend- a Great Dane named Daisy- and working on his passion- poetry. At the age of 25, Nathan's life is exactly the same from day to day, until he meets a certain Amelia Dawson and his world is turned upside down when he meets her wild family. Problems arise when the two of them become engaged and begin to see all of their many differences. Are they really meant for each other? The story takes place in Delaware in 1925. FINISHED!

Latham Manor-

After the death of her grandfather (her last remaining family), Liesle Metcalf has no choice but to go to Latham Manor in the hills of Northern England. The Lathams have been almost kin to the Metcalf family for generations, though no one recalls when or how the friendship began. The Manor has been running since the 11th century and Liesle finds that its old walls contain many secrets. Nothing goes as Liesle had planned when she comes to live in the Manor. Lord Latham is away on business, his daughter is crazy, there is a ghost roaming the halls at night, searching for a hidden treasure, and falling in love has never seemed more complicated! NEW!

I made up my own little "auther's page" type thingy. If you want to see some pictures I drew of my characters and pictures of actors ect. I think look like my characters, go to: http:///58352190 But I warn you, don't expect too much out of the drawings. I lack greatly in talent, but you can get the general idea.

Try them out! And please, don't be affraid to tell me what you think. I could always use advice. And please REVIEW!! Reviews are the fuel that keeps me writing!! Thank you.

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