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December 12th, 2008 : Uploaded the prologue to one of my more personal stories. Don't know if anyone actually cares but for those who still follow me, I'm finally out of my writer's block thanks to Creative Writing at my school, and the fact I feel like writing a lot more.

ENJOY. The new story is called By Blood Alone.

APRIL 28th 2007 : Okay those flaming the cat story...I wrote that about 3 years ago, and wrote it back at a time where I didn't know what the hell a fanfic was : I'm not moving it because it's so old and because I stopped working on it 8D But yes, I'm fully aware it's a fanfic and should be moved but instead it's going to be deleted since it's so old and shouldn't be here because of it being plagarism.

Anyway, yup that's all. Sorry for not update, I'm going through a dry spell but I could always upload the story I have now xD It's shit right now so yeeaaaaaah...

July 14th, 2006: Wow...I haven't uploaded anything here in forever o.o...Will get to it...when I get a decent story goin' xD

I finally have more stories!! I've updated Shadow Fire for those who like it. My newest story is Spike's Packwhich is a story with my favorite Lupine pack! I hope to see more reviews in the long run! Hopefully...

I like IMing people so give me a shout-out when you see I'm on. I like hearing about other's people's work since I LOVE to read. Tell me what you think about my stories through IM if you want or let me read your stories...I'm TRYING to broaden some other things to read about grumbles like humans...

Give me a shout-out or email me...i'm like MoonFerret...I like to make new friends, even if they are internet ones...ooooh I should have updates to Blue Fire in a few days ((which I reccomend you read...VERY good)) and I should have a new story posted soon...I'm writing again which could mean lots of new stories...

Hope you enjoy my stories...more stories will come, eventually. Updates to older stories ((if I haven't gotten bored with any of them)) will come ASAP.

And by the way, I really love writing and I would like to get a story published, so I can let the whole world read my stories and take it with them wherever they go. I want to finish one of my stories and I need a lot of motivation. You guys think ya can help? Thanks!

Aryiah Foxxe

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By Blood Alone reviews
Vayner Silvanis, a used-to-be-normal teenage boy, has just been thrust into the dark world of werewolves. Against his will. Now, as he fights against those who despise him and the raging beast inside, he fears he won't make it out alive. R&R please!
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