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Hi evreybody,
how are you? I am a Author wanna be!!! becuase I love books! ever sence I knew how to read I have read all day!!! and same with my sis you may know her from reading her stories she is R.M.Whitaker I don't think I'll ever be as good as her she improves more each day! anyways read her books they are realy good!
but as I was saying I have loved books forever and then one day my sis got the idea of making a book and me being the copy-cat that I am made one too and ever sence then have been inlove with making my own little world! lol

I have three books I'll Return to you, twelve stones, and a life within a stone and uh don't excpect me to update the 2 last ones cuz those are not really my fav. so I am mostely focusing more on 'I'll Return to you'

'I'll Return to you' is a Romance about Reed and Rae who struggle as Reed is sent to war and must leave Rae with nothing but memories. Rae beguins to think that Reed is dead and people are telling her to forget about him but his face still haunts her as she tries to make a disision.

life within a stone is pretty much about a boy who finds an intiare world in a stone and franticly tries to find his way bake before it becomes permanent!

twealve stones is I will explain that when I work on it a bit more!

please R&R my stories and remember I am LDS so no cusing or inapropriat subjects thenk you so much and I love you all who have helped and suported me so far including my sis! thatnkyou!!!!! LUV YA ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love veelagirl192

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Among the Hills of Edenbrook: FINISHED by R.M.Whitaker reviews
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life within a stone reviews
Freemont was born in a world simalar to the one you and I live in. When he gets trapped in a different world, things go haywire. A certain elf in that world reviels to Freemont that he is no ordinary boy. Better than it sounds. Please R&R. : )
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