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Hullo you all!

It seems that I should update my profile/bio thing, because... I dunno. Because I really don't want to study and fictionpress is an awesome place for me to procrastinate? Yeah, something like that! =)

Quick Stats:
Name: Lindy
Age: 15
Location: Let's just say Australia?

* Cliched and soppy romance fics! =) Awesome-ness!!!
* Reading and writing LOTS of fics though half the fics that I write never see the light of day once I write a chapter or so
* Reading books... fluffy ones and such. Melina Marchetta, with books like Looking for Alibrandi and Saving Francesca, Jaclyn Moriarty, with Feeling Sorry for Celia and Finding Cassie Crazy, Meg Cabot, with The Princess Diaries, The Boy Next Door and Boy Meets Girl all done in a fabulous style, Celia Dart-Thornton, with The Bitterbynde Trilogy... I could go on... but these are the books that have REALLY impacted me... on a writing level anyway...
* Blogging >> blog*spotbut I don't really use it anymore and MSN Spaces
* My friends>> penami, b, miss Jay, jillness, tRu-cHaRm3d-Chikand others...
* TV >> Tru Calling, McLeods Daughters, 24, Las Vegas... and the occassional soap and stuff... Degrassi: The Next Generation, The O.C
* Taking photos and meddling with them in Fireworks or taking pics from random sites around the place...
* That little happy feeling you get when you see a review alert in your inbox *wink wink nudge nudge*
* Music of most kinds... pop, RnB, punk rock, Christian "alternative"... Examples? Well, my ALL time favourite song is Where is the Love by the Black Eyed Peas... Other bands/artists I like... Hawk Nelson, FM Static, Missy Higgins, Simple Plan, some Greenday, Alicia Keys, Maroon 5, Usher, some Nelly, old Mariah Carey stuff... for tRu-cHaRm3d-Chik's sake... GC *re*...
* FanFiction >> here

* Vegetables... I mean, EW!!! there are some exceptions... one of the worst? cucumber... "It's like crunchy water!"... or NOT!
* Studying... pssht. Even the word has lost all meaning...
* People who post stories and NEVER finish them...
* When things REALLY don't turn out the way you wanted them to... =(
* Having to continue writing a story that you think has gone waaay away from the plot that you had orginally planned
* Dance music... *shudder*
* Having to write bio/profile thingies when you're not really sure what to write... lol.

I am a member of...
* youngwriters101:
* TheWritersBl0ck:

OK. Onto my stories...

In progress:
* A Forgotten Future >> She's married to her best friend after he was in a car accident. But she loves someone else. Now he's back on the scene... What happens now?

* Crash and Burn >> a short story I wrote for health about the effects of alcohol. A 20/20 story! woot!
* Dirt >> don't let the title put you off a short story I wrote for English. 20/20! =)
* A Life Changed >> Two best friends, shipped off to boarding school. What happens will change what they've known for ever.

Pending sequel if I get any feeback:
* Hard to Say Goodbye >> He broke her heart, but now he's back it's very dodgy. The first story I posted up, and it's very inconsistent with years and stuff... One day I will go back and fix it all up.
* A Life Changed >> Two best friends, shipped off to boarding school. What happens will change what they've known for ever.

Reviews are always appreciated!

Anywayz, that's it from me. Hope you've had fun reading this! =)

Love, Lindy xox ~
aka inandout

Changes in Time

then everything stops
and you wonder exactly where you are
things have changed so much
since last time you looked
it gets kind of scary
but you've got to face it anyway
don't laugh
it'll hurt more
don't cry
it'll just let them see how it gets to you
leave it be
go with the flow
figure it all out as you go along
following the tide
as it changes, flows
and then everything stops
and you wonder exactly where you are...

~lindy xox

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