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I am your normal average guy. pleasant and carefree. count on me to be the one reading ur stories, even if its bad or good. not that to me any story would be bad. I believe all stories are good in thier own ways, except me.

We're goin down with the LPunderground! Loves listening to linkin park music and fan of them. they're cool even if they're a little wierd. they crack me up everytime. I believe anime is a really good source of entertainment and I've been watching anime since I was 5, so I might know a lot that u guys have seen. A lot of the people I associate with either loves or knows linkin park and anime. so that's cool.they're great guys and I wish I was as talented as them. you have to honor them, they make great music, great personalities and have great minds. their not just any rock band out there. hate them, love them, they will be in the music world forever!

My dream:
Im studying to be an animator. I really want to be an anime director, screenwriter and character designer. that is my goal in life and maybe design the characters for squareenix's characters. Direct an anime music video for linkin park, just like Kazuto Nakazawo who led the beautifu and awesome anime sequence in Kill BIll vol. 1. I can't believe hes the character designer for Breaking the habit, who drew El hazard. He must be really good to draw the characers for linkin park and Kill Bill, but el hazard,hmmm... I personally like the anime because its funny and disgusting but to that's not the best anime and Im just suprised its from the same person. Basically I want my career to be involved with music, arts and literature. I want to write books, write plays and make anime. Broadway is one of my hobbies.

Things I hate:

1.I don't see why people are so prejudice agaisnt opera, especially when phantom of the opera movie came out. everybody kept on saying, they sing every five minutes, that's so boring Im not watching it. One word of advice, not everybody thinks like you, so stop listening to other people and try it yourselves. Jesus, stereotypical people.

2. People who cut themselves, I'm sure you are having a hard time, and I respect that. youre depressed, your life is crap or any other problems. you cut yourselves, is stupid.I think thats so stupid. people who cut themselves are cowards. if you're suffering, why do you make your life harder than it already is? People do care for you, if u think ur so suffering and people dont care for you, just shut up. how bout people out there with not fingers or arms. or that they're deformed and born without some organs. they're still living out there. y are u complaining. be realistic.

3. you guys out there, dont just judge a girl by the way she looks or acts. if shes quiet and alone, try and talk to her, but dont make her be scared of you.

4. if people suck at sport, so waht? I hate guys who r mean to girls that way

4. If you just say somebody is ugly, it really does hurt and changes the way they think of themselves. Nobody is ugly! There's just some people who are prettier than others.

5. If you keep on talking about death and suicide, why dont u just die now. I use to talk like that, maybe i still do. But Im still alive aren't I? The world's still rotating.

my stupid script:

the Linkinoise restaurant

waiter aka. br8kin_d_habit: would like an appetizer?
fearell: yes please.
waiter aka. br8kin_d_habit: we have chester tacos top of with legendary spice phoenix mike tofu.
fearell: how wonderful!
waiter aka. br8kin_d_habit: and how bout the main course?
fearell: Yes kind sir.
waiter aka. br8kin_d_habit: shinoda kebab covered in hahn sauce
fearell: (trying not to laugh) Um..Ok!
waiter aka. br8kin_d_habit : and for dessert we have brad n robs rockies and roll ice cream.
fearell: nasty!
waiter aka. br8kin_d_habit : how could you say that! this restaurant serves the finest, sweatiest and freshes ingridients!
fearell: Bwahhahahahhahha
waiter aka. br8kin_d_habit: check or money?
fearell: how bout "george washington bills?
waiter aka. br8kin_d_habit: How can I have that if if you can pay in "Chester Bennington bills!(commercial voice)

I thought it was funny because I played around with the words.

hahn sauce: hanst tomato sauce! get it
brad and robs ice cream: get it, baskins n robbins!
shinoda kebab, dat sound lika kebab allrite
legendary spice phoenix mike tofu: ever heard of mabo tofu. chinese dish
chester tacos: chilli tacos. it just fits together



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