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Hello friends and those just passing through. My name is Dasha Grae, and I hope that you all enjoy my stories because I truly enjoy writing them.

I would like for it to be known that I don't believe that every story should have a happy ending. A story with a twist is always more interesting to me than a story that ends predictably! So please be warned!

Currently I am working on a series of stories, all taking place in the same fantasy setting, taking place after one another. Some of the stories are dark, some of the stories are lighter, but I assure you that all of these stories are far from the average fantasy cliche.

These are the stories within the Dunna arc in chronological order.

-The Blood Throne: build a kingdom of prosperity, not blood

-The Rotten Prince (Trilogy): the brattiest prince of them all!

-Dragon Hunter: when dragon's become a problem you hunt them

-Long Live the King: never double cross a king

-Lingering Shadows (Trilogy) sometimes the shadows of the past are hard to escape

-Beyond the Shadowlands: a young man goes in search of his origins

The next group of original stories have nothing to do with the stories within the Dunna arc, and these stories are: the internet is not always the best place to meet people

-Prisoners of War: Fight for you country...unless your father tells you not to

-The Dome: the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow

-Half-Life : if you're not living your life to the fullest, then you're not really living at all!

-The Assassin: hopefully will be a trilogy...but never ignore the yearning of your heart

-Flower Maiden: take care of the earth and it will take care of you

-Lost in Folorin : talk about sibling squabbles

-LadyBug Drug : Friends don't let friends take the lady bug drug

-Affinity : Sometimes the dead should be just that...dead

-Mother to Daughter: The mother daughter road trip from hell

-Intiution: you don't know everything..everyone just thinks you do!

-Security Blanket : what lengths would you go to in order to feelk safe?

Please look for these titles in the near future! Summaries also coming soon!

The Story that I am working on now is entitled 'Dream Walker'

It is about a young woman whose dreams are changing everything around her for better or for worse...

After that I hope to work on a story called 'The Blood Throne'

This story takes place in a world called Dunna, a place where people as well as an assortment of other beings reside. There is a young boy named Cheyn (Shane) who is playing a game with his older sister (Selain) in the woods. It is in these woods that he stumbles upon a peculiar red stone. What troubles await Cheyn, Selain, and all of Dunna?


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