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1/06/06 (8:10 PM PST)
Eli's Tale: Chapter 11
I sort of miss the days when I used to update once every day, if not more. :P Oh well... So here's the long-awaited chapter 11. Sylnir kept asking me to post it up. XD I would like to thank him for helping me with this chapter since Aarien's his character. Since we rped out the battle, all his words (except his first ones before they left to battle and his last ones after the battle) come from Sylnir himself. Therefore, I don't have to worry about Aarien being out of character. : ) Sorry about the battle being long- and the chapter itself being short. This is how long rpinga battle is. :P I promise to cut it down next time.

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Yes he is. : ) Hah, I'm glad it surprised you. I was hoping that it wouldn't be too obvious what his secret was. That caused you to like him even more? Yay. :D Yeah, he's my first gay character, lol. Though whenI created him before this story, it was just a joke character to scare my friend Dilt with when we both rped with Sylnir. :P

12/30/05 (12:12 PM PST)
The Girl with No Hands: Chapter 10
I actually wanted to update my other story, but I couldn't without rping out this one battle with Sylnir. XP I'm excited to hint where Ezel might be. But anyway... Man, this chapter was short. That's it, next time I write a story, I'll just type it up instead of writing it in a notebook first. When I write it in a notebook, the chapter looks longer than it really is- even if I write tiny. : / Oh, and Darren finally realized how evil they've been to her. Aren't you happy? : ) It took him ten chapters to realize it, lol. Last night when I was writing chapter 12 in my notebook, I found out that perhaps this story won't be twenty chapters like I had hoped. Oh well- at least you guys don't have to worry about this story ending so quickly? : )

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Jeeze, what are you doing reviewing my story that late at night? :P It's all right, I appreciate you taking the time to do it though. Yeah, I know, Darren is pitiful. But at least he's come to his senses this chapter, yes? :D But that doesn't mean they'll be going out anytime soon. XD
JennySmile- Hrm, yeah, it has been a while. Sorry about the wait! I've been lazy/busy. Hopefully this time, I won't take forever to update my stories, lol. : )

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