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Author has written 12 stories for Manga, Historical, Life, Young Adult, Supernatural, and Sci-Fi.

Pen name: Sefi

Real name: Kirsten

Age: 19

Birth date: July 31

Hobbies: Anime, fencing, writing, Japan, gothic-lolita, fashion, jrock, glowsticks, raving, adorable animals, viscious animals, cosplay, manga, violent hockey, musicals, video games, hippi vans, Fiji water, bawls, macaroni, Japanese drams and shows...ETC

Major: Japanese/English with an emphasis in creative writing

AIM: sexXpotXsushi (feel free to message me if you wish to talk)

A Tangent About Me: My first thought here is to apologize. Apologize to those who believe I can be a bit of a procrastinator with stories. I start them and then don't finish, and sometimes I leave people hanging by a thin thread and do not update for months. I deeply apologize. I'm a bit ADD with my writing. I jump around and write rather haphazardly. I cannot concentrate on one thing to save my life. But I do consider myself an excellent writer, and I do not say that to be smug. If you would like me to review something of yours and give good criticism, do the same for me and I will answer with a review of my own (because I rarely have time to read everything). I love editing pieces for people and I hate those who bash stories. I believe in constructive criticism and that no story is ever perfect. And I love reviews no matter how critical.

About my stories:

I have very eccentric tastes and I write anything from young adult to gore or horror or romance. The pieces I am currently working on are down below. Anything else that appears in my profile are stories that I started a long time ago and will probably continue at some point in time. (And I apologize, I'm not the best at writing summaries.)

Remnants of the Forgotten (AKA: Echoes of Fate - rewritten): I wrote this story a long time ago in middle school, and I am currently in the process of rewriting it. The piece is very original and probably more YA than anything I have ever written, so it's difficult for me to write it. The story takes place in the fictional world of Shallot. The story revolves around a paladin school in the city of Nagoya, and the main character Prosper, who has been having strange dreams that are making him sick, and a girl by the name of Sefi, who, with her brother and sister, are thieves that have been stealing relics from around the world. Prosper and Sefi instantly, upon meeting, are thrown into a fantastical myth of an Egyptian tale when Samael, a dangerous man, seeks revenge upon a pharaoh and goddess of ancient Egypt. A war is raged upon the world and Prosper must take control and unravel the mystery of the tale before Samael destroys Nagoya in his effort to steal away his lost love.

Astral Presence: This story is something I am very proud of and enjoy a bunch to write. A warning to readers that it is gory and very descriptive and tragic. The story revolves around the two main characters, Ari, a half-ghost, and Leyna, a girl who has powers to see ghosts. Ari works for a circus where the ringmaster takes care of him since his parents disappeared a long time ago. Ari can no longer remember his past and is a very suspicious character with a missing eye; his goal in life is to destroy evil ghosts that plague the world, for he is resentful toward them even though he knows he himself is one of them and it causes him to become sick, feeding on flesh and blood once a month. However, it is quickly mended when Leyna becomes his blood bank, and through his guilt of this, Ari tries to discover his past and seeks more revenge upon ghosts. However, a strange man begins to hunt him down and Leyna must help to save Ari from this hunter and himself, as he becomes tormented with his dark past.

Absit Invidia: This is a dark tale that takes place within 18th century Italy when opera is at its height. It’s about two twin brothers, Adicus and Linnaeus, who are opposite in every way; Adicus is praised by his mother and Linnaeus is praised by his father. Adicus wants nothing more than to hide himself away from the world and only sing and harp. While, Linnaeus wants to become the lead of the Mafia like his father, though Adicus is the older brother and the title belongs to him. The brothers get along decently until the maiden Lina appears in their lives and both brothers fall in love with her. Lina only has eyes for the sweet Adicus, which torments Linnaeus and drives him to seek revenge against his brother who seems to have everything. He murders his mother and blames it on Adicus, who is banned from Messina and sent to die at sea. However, he lands upon a town far off of Sicily and is taken in by Louis, a churchman. Adicus, agonized and infuriated, becomes wrecked with ideas of only revenge, while Louis and his daughter tries to tear Adicus away and look only to music. The story revolves around Adicus’ torn heart between his lust for revenge and music.

Lemon Deuce: This story is about a boy named Keiran who was traumatized a few years back when his love was brutally murdered by her father. He completely changed himself and became cold, resentful loner, seeking only to destroy himself mentally and isolate himself from others. He now attends an academy and becomes roommate to an eccentric boy by the name of Morgan, whom he later discovers is a girl cross-dressing. Morgan cross-dresses for her mother’s health, which took a dive after her son vanished from home. Morgan impersonates her brother due to her father’s wishes to make her mother healthy. Morgan puts on a happy face for everyone and tries to throw herself into Keiran’s dark past. However, as Keiran begins to find himself, he learns of Morgan and her hate towards herself and family. Together they try to help each other and live with a world that throws everything horrible at them.

The Scent: This story I do not have much to say about yet. It is something I just started and involved the end of the world...and that is all I really want to give away because even I am not quite sure. But please read and hopefully you will enjoy!

Butterfly Mirror: This story I had started awhile ago and was titled Mirror Image. I am now rewriting it because I found the way I wrote it annoying, despite all the lovely reviews from my wonderful fans. :) I hope they all will read this version. This updated version is a mix of three stories actually: Mirror Image, Lemon Deuce, and Kyabakura (which is not on this site). The story involves cross-dressing, angst, host clubs, and some semi slash I suppose. I suggest reading it if any of those thins appeal to you. It really is a fun story but the first chapter is slightly darker (just so everyone knows).

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