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Author has written 3 stories for Fantasy, and Fantasy.

Names: Xylacorabi and Mashou no Tenshi

Ages: Why do YOU want to know?

We're sharing a joint account. You probably know us from www.fanfiction.net...you know, Mashou no Tenshi the Shaman King/Dragonlance/Fire Emblem/wants to write Golden Sun but sucks too much to/randomwriter? -_- you won't know Xy, though. *coughs* Anyway. The screenname for AIM, as is the e-mail, displayed is Xylacorabi's but Mashou's is audhulma and [email protected]

Dislikes: (In Xylacorabi's point) mushrooms, Kitiara, snobs, Marcus, baby brother, Kraden, eggplants, mushrooms, Kagome's voice, Raistlin (wth why?!!), Drizzt,mushrooms,and last but not least...A PERSON CALLED MOP,etc.

Likes: (in Tenshi's point)
Mushrooms, Hao, Ren, Yoh, Raistlin, Athrun (HE IS SO NOT UGLY!!), Killua, Kurapika, Hisoka, Kuroro, HunterxHunter (duh, favorite anime), Lord of the Rings (*gasp* my favorite movie series), Dragonlance (woot!
favorite book series), Saito (haha, like you know who he is), Netto (ditto), Enzan, Blues, Golden Sun, torturing her muses,etc.

Funny to think we're best friends. lol.

Stories beginning...

"Lord of the Rabbits" parody that is in some ways connected to Lord of the Rings but is still orginial. Hmph.

"The War Of the Elven-Kin" story co-written with Tenshi, Xyla, and Kathryn Tsuki. You can find most of it , which is roleplaying, but the story was so good we decided to make it a story. ^^

'Red Dust' Renna must help the Reed Clan and solve the mystery of the...um...'it'. (Chapters 1-7, untyped)

Emerald Sphere: w00t, uploaded. (Prologue, chapter 1 (untyped))

'Unnamed' A knight, a 'pre-seer', and a kind girl with unknown powers of light embark on a journey to save all that they care about...

7/2/04: Started Red Dust...didn't have this account yet. Got to, say, the middle of chapter 1.

7/21/04: uploaded the first chapter of "The War of the Elven-kin". Starting to write "Finding a Faerie". Well, me (Tenshi) at least. o.O

7/22/04: BLAST AND FLUCKING BOTHER! MY STUPID COMP CRASHED SO EVERYTHING, INCLUDING ALL MY WORK ON THE WAR OF THE ELVEN-KIN AND FINDING A FAERIE IS GONE. ALL!!! x_xCurse it all. Thinking of writing a story about Lucius Malfoy as DADA teacher on FanFiction.Net. o.O Hey, Xyla! Give us the chapter one of "Red Dust"! E-mail it to me! I wanna read it. And edit. HURRY UP!

7/24/04: Have very bad news than envolves the parody 'Lord of the Rabbits'. I'm Xyla (duh!). And because of the
bad news, maybe I can't finish the first chapter of 'Red Dust' that I planned to finish in August. Sorry! . Cause I'll be spending more time outdoors instead of indoors writing 'Red Dust'. And even if I finish the first chapter of Red Dust, the internet's broken, so can't upload it. *sobs* Also decided to start a new story, something called 'Ice Fortress', or 'Mirror Fortress'...because Red Dust is taking too long and I hate to keep people waiting.


8/24/04: Emerald Sphere first chapter uploaded! Yayo! Made Padfoot join FictionPress too. She's windbrie. AS USUAL. *sweatdrop*

Later: Well, a really nice person reviewed the story! Yay! Amazing...

(sixteen million years later) er, er, Red Dust will be up sometime this week, as soon as I can think of a summary. x_x not my fault Xy took so long.

1.31.05: Oh, so it's MY fault? Sheez. Well, I wrote a random poem called Paradise. Pretty nice. Check it out.

6.12.05: Red Dust Chapters 1-7 finished. Must...think...of...summary.

8/3/05: well...no...not really your fault..._ You know, you still haven't given me Red Dust. I really should stop writing pointless Golden Sun fanfiction and write more Tea...

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Nilrin (1)