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I'm 21 and I attend a University. I'm currently majoring in English for Secondary Ed, meaning I want to be a high school English teacher. I just love writing and literature and I figure that I would enjoy a job where I talk to students about novels they're reading for class and literature in general. I get thrilled personally when I read a story that I think is particularly well written - it makes me want to improve my own writing.

I've had a love for reading and writing since I was about eight or nine. I'm currently working on my own novel and even an idea for a manga. (My artistic abilities need some work, so I'm mostly just sketching right now, with that.)

I have two major influences in my writing:

One, I was a Christian for nearly ten years until last semester when I decided I didn't really believe it anymore and that I didn't want to be a Christian anymore. But these beliefs still influence my writing and the novel I'm currently working on, I started when I was a Christian so it deals a lot with faith struggles. (For the curious, I currently consider myself Agnostic/Deist.)

Two, I grew up in a low income family so I understand what it's like to struggle financially and to grow up seeing your parents struggle.

I don't have any writing posted right now because I tend to be really protective of my writing, but I will try to post one or two things just to get some feedback from some writers on here :)