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Who Am I?

I am a young(ish) agented writer in my twenties who tries to write novels while avoiding the all too familiar procrastination fairy. Sadly I don't avoid her enough.

What I'm Currently Up To:

At the moment I'm working on a second draft of my novel Black Blood which I'm hoping to get to my agent at the end of the month. Black Blood follows two half-sisters cursed with demons growing inside them. When they begin exhibiting powers they realise time is running out before the demons will emerge and kill them in the process.

Note: I used to repay reviews but I don't really have the time anymore, so um, sorry I guess. I still reply to comments and PM's though.

Silver Scrolls

A guide for fantasy writers. I don't claim to be an expert but it contains all I've learnt in my ten plus years of writing novels. Will be updated when I can.

Characters: Protagonist, Antagonist, Romantic Interest, Sidekicks, Mentor, Secondary Characters and, Minor Characters and (miracle of miracles) Minions is now up.

(I'm very slowly updating the old essays but have only got so far as Protagonist.)

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