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AGE: hahaahaha. I bet you'd like to know that, wouldn't you? Don't worry, I'm younger than your mom and older than your... um... pet. Unless your pet is a sexy bishounen, in which case I might be younger than him... In any case, if it is a sexy bishounen that you keep chained up in your room, would you please share? Pleeease?

SEX: Yes. I meant. Um... Biologically I'm a girl, but I'm really more what they call "genderqueer/genderfuck".

ORIENTATION: Pansexual. Not straight. Choose your poison.

POLITICS: No. Just... no. Give me my cuddly equal rights or get the fuck off the telly.

ORIGIN: Asian. Yes, I know that's a very broad term. But one of my friends thinks that "Asian" is synonymous with my actual ethnicity, so we'll let her believe that a little longer.

ANIME=YES. Favorites include: Loveless (!!!), Earthian, Gravitation (!), Kyou Kara Maou (^^), Sukisyo ( 3), and Weiss Kreuz. Feel free to recomend any that are boy x boy friendly =^^= Or just good anime in general.

MANGA= No, unfortunately. Due to financial reasons, I cannot splurge on manga as much as I would like to. Also, Manga are not available for free on YouTube ^^;;

STORIES IN PROGRESS: um. all of them.

UPDATE SCHEDULE?: hahahaha! schedule! funny! umm... ^^;; well, I used to go for a chapter a week, which became a chapter every two weeks, which progressed into a chapter per month... then I stopped updating for a year or so... yeah... heheh. I'm not the kind of person who has the ability to force chapters out and still make them feel good, so unless I'm driven by my muses, I'm basically not writing. My muses are on drugs or something like that, which is why my updating is so weird and sporadic. So if I haven't updated in two years, it doesn't mean the story's dead, it just means that... I haven't updated it in a while... yeah.

ART?!?: lolzzzzz. so here's the thing: I have a dA account, it's the homepage I've got listed above. I only recently went back on, so there's a two-year gap between older and newer works. It's undergoing rennovations, but feel free to check it out! I draw in sort of an anime/manga style... sort of...

WHAT EXACTLY DOES PCC WRITE?: Um. Last year I went into this short story thing where I wrote a small collection of three to seven page long short stories on mostly self-discovery and such, as well as a cluster of poems. But most of what I post on FP is what I write for FP: shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, stuff that my friends tease me about. If I ever upload anything that's not cuddly and same-sex fluffy, it'll most likely be on my, ahem, "hetero" account, username is cyndachan. Still, that crazy barbarian in "A Light Beyond the Shadow" comes awfully close to raping Mike o_O;; It's not a choice! I was born with this obsession!

IS SHE DONE TALKING NOW???: yes. yes I am. Just one more thing:



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