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Don't make me kill this heart of mine for a beauty that isn't real

Let me instead love that which I already hold dear with utmost sincerity

I always find myself favoring novel-length stories to read, and oftentimes end up writing in a similar fashion to my tastes. I suppose that makes sense. Really, though, I just love to write.

I tend to work slowly. Since I have a habit of putting too many projects (i.e. stories) under my belt, both fanfiction and original fiction -- and the occasional poetry here and there -- I tend to move very sluggishly, to the point where some people get frustrated at me. I do apologize to those who are well acquainted with my bad habit, but let me remind that that is the way I am and I just can't help it.

Real life takes its toll on me from time to time as well, but I always bounce back. You may hear about it, or you may not. Whatever the case, patience is ideal around me.

So I think that's all I have to say about myself. For now, anyway.


I have recently made a personal website of mine where I will be hosting my fiction. Some of it is stuff that I have here on , and some of it isn't. I debate the idea of adding a fanfiction section but for now it's just original work. If you want to see more than just what's here on , check it out. I'm still working on the design of the site and other things since it's a free, generic site I learned about from a friend (I'm too stupid to make my own website, let alone too poor to pay for my own space) so please be patient with me as I work through some tweaks and whatnot. If anyone has suggestions, thanks! I love helpful suggestions. In the meantime, this is what I have up and this is the best way to know what's happening to these stories you read.

Link: http:///

This is my original site, but since I've long since forgotten my password to it, it's now just my backup for my old stories.
Link : http:///

Mature Yaoi Roleplay Forum

I also have a yaoi roleplay forum that I'm managing with a friend. Come check it out if you'd like. Sometimes I put my stuff there too. If you can find me, that is. :P (Yes, that was shameless plugging. You're welcome.) It's still new, so there might not be a lot of activity at this point, but hopefully with more time and more audience, it will be very active.

Link: http:///Yaoi_City/index/

Follow Me

I know my updating schedule is rather sporadic, so I have decided to make a Twitter account to allow all my readers to know what's going on. I don't require anyone to make comments or talk to me. You don't really have to follow me if you don't want to. It's just my way of letting people know why I don't update during certain periods of the year or why I suddenly update a lot.


Current Project(s)

Seduced by Death - Chapter Two pending. (12.28.10) This is about Death and a human. Death is having some internal problems he can't quite figure out and he grants a human a second chance at life to help him out. What starts out as an awkward relationship will turn into something even more strange. And maybe something good might come out of it.

Blue Alert - Chapter Fifteen pending. (01.08.11) I have come to realize that this story is not progressing as I hoped it would. I think I sidetracked somewhere, got lost, and now I don't know how to get back. I am going to contemplate how to fix/save this story and make it better.

Marked by Honor - Chapter Eleven pending. (11.15.11) I am very excited and pleased to see the current reception of this story. If all goes well to the end, I will consider publishing this story.

Hiatus Project(s)
(these stories are being put on hold for now and will be picked up at an undisclosed future date)

Predator of Moon - Chapter One pending. (8.27.09) This is... well, I suppose it was a request. Or was it a commission? I can't remember anymore. It's possibly my first hetero-romance story involving werewolves. It's very rough, very sketchy in the making, and honestly I don't think it should be put up, but I fear that if I don't, I'll forget all about it and never finish. Well, I hope it turns out okay in the end. ...Whenever, however, that is. (I haven't really worked on this lately; I'm debating whether or not I should drop it. Maybe put it on hiatus. I think that'll be the best bet until I can work on it properly again...)

Callboy - Chapter Eight pending. (10.02.09) This is a story that came to me whilst inspired by several different sources. I'm not sure if I really should be writing this story, but I will anyway. It'll be a lot more sexual and abusive than my other stories, even BA which is more psychological. CB will be very emotionally ridden. Hopefully I'll be able to get through it without falling through. (eep! knock on wood!) I imagine there will be a lot of sexual scenes but they won't be written because I want people to get aroused (though that may happen anyway). They'll be written because I want readers to see the other side of these sexual activities. Kahoku doesn't do his job because he likes it; it's because he has to. That's something that should always be kept in mind while reading the raunchy scenes. He doesn't really enjoy any of the things he does, despite popular belief.

Possible Future Project(s)

There Is No Reason - Chapter One pending. I'm still working out the basics of this one. In a gist, though, the protagonists is a patient at a mental hospital. From there... I draw a blank, sadly. I still need to work heavily on this one before I even put out the first chapter.

Not Just Any Talent - Chapter One-Five pending. This is a masterxslave story. I'm still working out the details but I'm 99.9 percent sure it'll be gay.

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