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Hi! I'm Mike, and I'm a Mewtwo addict. I've been into him ever since the Red/Blue games, and the start of the anime.

I'm a big fan of Mewtwo fanfiction, so I thought it would be the best way to show my fandom.

I love Mystic Mewtwo's much so, that it drew me to her, and we found out we have more in common than we thought. We'll be meeting this summer, hopefully ^_^
Go read her story, "Between Two Worlds" now! It's better than anything I'd ever write...

As for other Mewtwo interests, I like art (hentai, yaoi, yuri included), just collecting Mewtwo stuff...abuseshippiness is okay too (sorry...x.x) I even have a life-size Mewtwo costume I got made (of which Mystic will get first experience with :P)

Wanna comment on my stories? Care to roleplay with me? Just want to talk Mewtwo stuff? You can IM me at MewtwoStruckBack or RebirthOfMewtwo, or my MSN is [email protected] Me and Mystic are both open to talk, but if you ogle her, you'll regret it. :P No ogling Caeli, either lol.

More'll be added as time goes along...bye for now!

2/5/03: I just can't force myself to write out over 400 RPs. What I am going to do is make my RP sessions "open source". This means anyone that wants to write out the fanfiction based from my sessions can do so, and will get credit for the story, as long as I get credit for the original idea.

However, my sessions with Mystic Mewtwo are exempt -- WE will be writing those out.

I'll be posting these on SOME kind of webspace soon, for easy access. When I get a chance to update again, I'll put up a list of authors and how many RP sessions I've had with them, in case you may want to look to write out the fiction of a particular author, or a certain amount of stories.