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Me: college graduate (go Blue). B.A. in Latin. That's about it.

Befriend me on Goodreads? I'm loving this site as I've never loved another before. I tumble, too.

Or, if you want to stay local, check out The Review Game. You'll find me on the forums as with the lovely nickname 'Monk'.

For those wondering: yes, I return reviews. You took the time to read, be affected by, and comment on my work. I'll do the same because I believe in the solidarity of writing. And holy shit, does it ever take a village to write something. (Although, that said, I can't promise celerity. To borrow a phrase from an ex-boss, I am what you would call 'herd of turtles slow'.)

'The Sky Is Falling' (now 'Something Lost') news...

Hey. Hi.

I know I have a handful of faithful followers for TSIF, and for that I am endlessly appreciative. You may have noticed that I suddenly went from eight chapters to not eight chapters, and there's a reason (or a thousand) for that.

Short answer: I wrote them in high school. They sucked. I'm starting over instead of giving up.

Long answer: I started this story in high school, and I've just recently graduated with my bachelor's. That's a span of about five years, and it's astounding how much a writing style changes and grows. Even my most recent chapter made me gape in embarassment and disbelief.

So, I've decided to get serious about this story. Now that I'm done with school and actually have the time, I'm fairly certain that this is the direction I want to take with my life for right now—'this' being finishing a manuscript of this story, query agents, and maybe one day getting published. I've spent the last month working almost non-stop on this. Not just writing the damn thing (which, surprisingly enough, accounts for less time than you may think), but sketching out a solid direction for the plot, working in themes (which, the previous version posted... didn't actually have any), character and world-building, and reading SO MUCH fantasy that only CAPITAL LETTERS can accurately represent how much.

That said, my vision has grown rather... myopic. Time to run it through the gauntlet that is FPress. If you have any sort of reaction to this story at any point, I can only kindly ask that you leave a review. Liked it sort of? Tell me why! Hated it a lot? I want to hear from you even more! Constructive criticism is, quite simply, the only way a story gets better.

And really, what sort of FPress author would I be if I didn't solicit reviews? A BAD ONE.

I did consider just creating a new story entirely, but I don't have an effective way to alert everyone who has shown interest in this story en masse. Then, I thought about leaving up the chapters I had at first, but I deleted and added entire scenes at an alarming rate to the point where the original chapters wouldn't have merged cleanly at all with the new ones. The master copy is approaching the 100 page mark, so do expect regular intervals in updates (no year-long gaps, I promise).

So, anyway. I'll stop rambling. Welcome, new readers. Old readers, again, thank you for your continued support. I love you guys so much... You have no idea.

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