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I have been writing for the last ten years or so. In the last three I would say I have improved the most. I have begun to not only pay attention to the creative aspect of writing but to the work that must go into it as well so that other people can enjoy my created worlds. I have written several full books that are not posted on this site. These are books that I intend to send off to a publisher and I hope to one day hold one of my own stories in hardback or paperback.

I am a beta reader. I will not take on people very often. I must feel that there is true merit to their work or I must feel that I have the true time and effort to put into someone else's work. This will be rare. I'm a college student, which means I have a lot of work to do myself. And being an attempted full time writer right along with being a college student tends to be stressful. I am also a constant studier of Wicca and it's practices, so my spiritual side does take up some of my time now and again.

I love to read as much as I love to write. Books are a way to stretch the imaginary senses in a more relaxed way. One cannot write without reading as well.

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