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Bio overhaul! Summer is sucking. Majorly. I really did intend to write...but grades come first. Yeah, it's the summer, but I'm stuck in EVIL SAT ACADEMIES to waste away while I try to get that elusive perfect score. And also, my mom's not too pleased with my subject test scores...so yeah...all that adds up to a very killer workload. Not that that excuses the lack of
updates, of course! The biggest reason for that is that, well, I started on the next chapter...then realized that I didn't flesh my world out enough before I started. Stupid me. In other words, I know the plot...I just have no idea what my world is like. No good idea, that is. I'll be putting my main story on hold, then starting another one (a collection of myths and historical tidbits) to help orient myself and the meager handful of people who read anything on this account. Once I figure out how my world in general works, or at least put it in words (it's all in my head right now, and very much subject to change because of my poor memory), I'll probably overhaul the few chapters I've posted and rewrite it all. Not that there's much to redo. So sorry, once again, but that'll take about a month or so (hopefully), and then I'll continue.

So...a few random bits about me...I am a very odd person. My friends want to murder me sometimes because I'm overly
cheerful all the time and look a bit too much on the bright side, but it's not my fault that they're in such bad moods. I like snakes and cheetahs and desperately want to sprout giant wings and fly. Green is not just a favorite color-it's an obsession. The only reason my room's not green yet is because my parents are holding out and being unreasonable about it. I mean, I'm only 5 feet tall, so how do they expect me to paint it myself? Plus, the furniture is white and pink, since when they bought it, they figured that all little girls like pink. Drat the stupid stereotypes. I adore dark chocolate and tootsie rolls and chewy sweettarts and gobstoppers and TROPICAL SKITTLES and starbursts and just candy in general, but mostly dark chocolate and tropical skittles. I like music but limit my tastes mostly to alternative, some rock, some pop, and some classical. I take 3-D art and love it. Knitting and wirework, especially jewelry creation, are lots better than quilting, though. Oh, and I have a tendency to blabber, which annoys people to bits and can last a looong time, since I like learning and blabbering random facts and big words. I'm doing it now, aren't I? I'll shut up and go curl up in a corner with my gazillions of stuffed animals (giant fuzzy snakes and feather pillows) and blank out now.

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A poem, obviously, about beauty. It was supposed to cheer me up. It didn't. In fact, I'm not even sure it should be considered a poem.
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