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Right now I'm just a reader, but I am writting my first original story and I'm excited about that. It's taking some time but I want to at least get it half done before posting it.

As for me, I am a 18 year old girl with a obession with reading, music and sports.I love sports, baseball is my love(Yankee fan since I was born).I live in a huge city in New Jersey, trying to enjoy my last summer before college starts.

I love music!It inspires me. I somehow always tie it in with what I write so you can get a taste of what I like in my stories.

I also love tv and watch it all of the time.Reality tv shows have me hooked. As well as Degrassi, The Best Years, Beyond The Break, Invader Zim,Jersey Shore(duh!),Make It Or Break It, and just about anything else Nick or Viacom puts out.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt's title came from the We Are Scientists song of the same name.
Chapter 1-Listen To Your Body Tonight is a song by Black Kids.

Small facts about myself:

I am obsessed with Johnny Depp, Paul Walker,Taylor Lautner,Brendon Urie(mainly his voice),Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, Grady Siezmore,Ian Kinsler and way too many other baseball players to name...

I love dogs and own four of them.

I will admit that writing is new to me and will take no offense if someone thinks what I write is horrible.

I love talking to new people.

I am currently trying to find a way to see Muse in concert :(

I will admit I almost cried the day I found out Fall Out Boy was no more.( Give me a break they were my boys for eight years).

I have the slightest case of Bieber Fever...

I do let out the southern part of me and watch NASCAR.

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