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I like writing stories because I like reading a lot.. and when I run out of books I make up my own stories

that's what got me started, along with my over active imagination probably due to the fact all I did do when I was young was read

I write for fun, but its nice when other people enjoy my stories, that's why i decided to put them up here to share

I am totally useless with grammar and have a habit writing like I speak.. which is a big no no, and I am still learning to correct this fault

but you will still probably find it somewhere in my writing because I get totally carried away with what I am writing.

I love telling a good tale and having interesting characters in what I hope are interesting situations and dilemmas, I tend to get angsty and over dramatic.. I suppose that's another fault, unless you like reading that sort of stuff

I am also a hopeless romantic and I believe in true love, so most of my stuff will be love stories one way or the other

The Linden Girl was inspired by the tv drama Sharpe set in the Peninsular war The male character Micheal had a mixture of inspirations the first being Sharpe's sidekick Patrick Harper played by Daragh O'Malley

And also as I ended up writing this as a fan fiction story with another Irish man in mind which was Edge from the group U2.. so I guess if you wanna picture what Micheal looks like its a mixture of these two men you can find their pics up on the net somewhere as I am unable to put them up here

Bridesmaid Blues

This story was actually inspired by a dream I had, if this guy a character, who seemed to vaguely in my dreams be good looking and confident, but he was not a love rat and was not afraid to show he had feelings, So I started pondering how his girlfriend would feel very secure with a guy like that.. so the story took off from there

The Somerton Man

This has been going on as an aspiring Novel in my head for years, based on my love of 18th century literature and my fascination with this time period, it is inspired by novels such as Wuthering heights and Jane Eyre, complete with brooding male character, and the shy little mistress of the manor and one day I am determined to finish it

To have and to hold

This story came from a mish mash from other stories and characters that regularly popped into my head, but never got written. but I finally was able to combine into one story and seemed to have worked fairly well. I wanted a strong male character, who was wealthy even a little arrogant, but not overly so, and he became Adam Maxwell, although as the story progressed I found him being far more sensitive than I had intended him to be

But then I realised he needed to have a gentler side of his personality which my main female character Rachel brought out in him, plus I was feeling particularly soppy and all lovely dovey writing this story because I am celebrating the fact I am now 25 years married, It is coming up to our silver wedding anniversary on the 19th March, and me and my husband are more madly in love now than ever, and I think the mood kind of spilled over into my characters


Its about a 17 year old Melanie who has been brought up in the circus by her autocratic overprotective grandfather and overbearing Aunt,

My main female character is very shy and quiet and timid, hence her nickname given to her by 20 year old Ricardo, the handsome arrogant Trapeze artist, who is one of the big stars of the circus, and who has a hot temper, used to demanding, and having his needs met.

So he doesn't take it too well when his longtime girlfriend Alicia, the female star of the bareback riders, ditches him and the circus to go off and try and make a career in modeling instead

This just makes Ricardo even more moody and demanding and unbearable, he is not someone Melanie wants to be around, because the only time he notices her is when he is snapping orders at her, or being derisive and mocking

But when Melanie's aged grandfather becomes ill and has not long to live, he decides that he needs to get Melanie married off to someone in the circus, to make sure she is cared for before he dies and remains loyal to the circus tradition where he thinks she belongs, He come to arrangment Ricardo's mother Angela, that Melanie should marry her son.

It solves all their problems, Ricardo will have a nice little subservient wife who will cook clean and look after him, without challenging him or being argumentative, and make him forget about Alicia. Melanie's grandfather can go to his grave in peace, knowing that his granddaughter is safely married to someone in the circus who will be able to give her the security she needs once he is gone.

Melanie finds her own personal feelings do not come into play in this arrangement. Circus tradition, along with a sense of duty, loyalty and close bonds towards family and friends are what dictates what comes first and foremost in the tight knit circus community, forcing her to accept that she will become Ricardo's wife, whether she really want to or not.

on a side note on some of the review queries of this story... I was inspired by watching a rl brother and sister together, who came from the circus background.

I noticed how protective the brother was that she did not get romantically involved with outsiders, insisting she would marry someone in the circus, which kind of intrigued me that I did some research on the net, and realised circus people were very suspicious of outsiders and stayed within their own community,

so I used this as a base for my story, though I took artistic license to exaggerate it further where Melanie's grandfather is concerned with disowning his daughter because she left the circus... just because it was more dramatic and suited my story and I am sure all circus folks in rl life wouldn't be so pragmatic as some of my characters

The Tears of a Clown
Bumming a few ideas around with this title as a sequel to Mouse set 18 years in the future about Ricardo and Melanie's children in the circus and of course my fav two characters from the first story will feature strongly in it as well. I did complete this and had fun with Ricardo and Mel as well

Island Girl This was originally inspired as a fan fic story about a certain rl life famous rock singer, but I decided to re write it with my own characters and change the story a bit, as I have outgrown the little crush I was going through, and realised its much more fun making up your own male characters because you can make them say and do what you want, and you are not constricted to your idea of what way someone acts and does in rl life and trying to fit your plot and character around it

If you enjoy my stories do let me know by reviewing them and constructive critism is always welcome:)

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