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Hello! I'm just a regular sixteen year old chick - around 5'7 with dark hair and dark eyes ( as is the trademark of most ppl with hispanic ancestry). I love to write and this is my first story ever posted on the net for normally i just keep them in my journals. I play viola and violin - and love it! I decided to write Lola's Living Veranda, which is a bit more sympathetic to gays, when i realised that one of the coolest chicks in the orchestra came out of the closet and with pride declared herself a lesbian. I had respected her as a person before and after this brave move in the high school arena, i wrote this story to in a way give her a thumbs up for just having learnt the lesson most of us dont learn until we're nearly dead- self acceptance and respect. I myself however am NOT NOT NOT a lesbian so yea... just to clear up any ideas- lol. Among my favorite authors are Garcia Marquez and Shakespeare of course; I love the books Brave New World, A Seperate Peace, and Catcher in the Rye. Among my other hobbies include rollerblading and tennis; hanging out with my best friends Peguin and Chibi06 ( whose story i recommend you read on titled 'The perplexeties of growing up'). Anyhoos- PLEASE REVIEW!!! PLEASE!!! otherwise what's the point in writing? - will try to post a new chapter at least once every week but since school is starting up that might be a bit difficult. Hope you enjoy my stories- laters! - beagle