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o_o...and I care...why?


Great! Bobbette and Bobly had a kid!
I don't frickin' care who you are! Stop writing my bio!!!

FINE!!!! BUT REMEMBER! Every child that falls down, I'LL BE THERE! Every person who falls off a cliff, I'LL BE THERE! Ev-

We all get it!!! What we don't, is care!!!!


YES!!!! *looks at everyone and clears throat* sorry about that. For your convenience, I have listed all the people in my head that have been named.

Lovesick me. Is currently wanted for a reward, but onlyif you return her dead.
Description- Pink hair. Heart shaped glasses. Knee length pink skirt and pink shirt with red hearts all over it.

Angry me. Doesn't really come out that often, but when he does, one word: run, currently on the fritz because he's in love with Bobbette
Description- read, yellow, and orange hair. Always wears red. Has bruises on his knuckles.

Hyper/sugar highme. Coming out more and more frequently because of Bobbette's take over of my mind.
Description- wears bright yellow clothing. Has brown hair, but bright yellow eyes. Loves candy and ice cream

Frosty Pickle Juice-
Um...duh. Creative/crazy (is there even a difference?)
Description- dark green hair streaked with white, lime green eyes, wears green and white clothes.

Acting me. Comes out when I'm at YAT, or at least when Bobina isn't.
Description-Wears a French beret, can talk in many accents and change his hair and eye color at will

Pessimistic/depressed me. Again, comes out more and more frequently because of Bobbette’s freedom
Description- has dark blue, almost black, hair. Wears dark blue clothes. Stands by himself in the corner

Me who enjoys other's pain. Appears to be the product of a depressed Bobbette turning to Bobly, since she couldn't get Sean
Description-previously had pink and red hair, but dyed it black. Wears a shirt that says “Please fall down so that I can laugh at you” with camo pants

Normal me (wait. I have a normal me?!?!?!!?!?!?!?)
Description- brown hair, hazel eyes. Wears alternately shirts that say “Everyone has multiple personalities, some people just don’t name them” and “I’m an only child, I just have an annoying teenager living at my house”




Favorite Quotes

"'SHE'S EP!!! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW EP!?' EP's Follower asked shocked 'EP SHOULD BE THE RULER OF THE WORLD!!!' Everyone took a very large step back from EP's Follower."

EP RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is my idol!!!!

This is a quote from, my good friend, Zako Lord of Randomnessness's story "Skitz!"

"If I had a penny for every time you did or said something stupid, Bill Gates would be cleaning my toilets."


"Well-behaved women seldom make history."

-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup."


A Warning:
This was made up by me and EP on the bus on the way home from a MAO trip, so...yeah.

"Art Critic 1(looking at still life entitled Still Life With Apple, Banana, and Pear): The apple is obviously filled with anger at the banana.
Art Critic 2(looking at same painting): The banana on the other hand is obviously deeply, passionately in love with the pear.
Art Critic 1: The pear, unfortunately, is
(look at each other)
Both: Gay."

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