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hi. this is where I will post all my depressed poetry about suicide and cutting when my nosy parents arent looking.
hopefully ppl wont see this that i know. i dont want them to know i do this stuff.
Colors: gray , the color of rain
Food: chinese/japanese
Ethnic bkrng: Irish, and im goddam proud of it
Hair: dirty blond, a couple of inches above my elbow, light bangs
Eyes: Blue with a yellow ring inside of it (im not kidding) sometimes they mix so they look blue-green
Prettiness: average. i aint the ugliest thing out there, but i sure as hell no supermodel.
Age: 14
Anime: YES!
Fav anime: Inuyasha, wolfs rain
Fav Manga: iy, .hack//sign, ceres, alice 19th, kodocha, somethin else
Fav movie: lotr. ohmigod i worship peter jackson and tolkien. *bows down*
book: harry potter!
tv show: iy, wr, south park, jackass, wild boys, spongebob, family guy, futurama, simpons, aqua teen hunger force.

actor/ actress: orlando bloom. so sexshay. viggo mortinson, miranda otto, elijah wood (did u see him when he was lil? he was so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!) halle berry.

state: hawaii. aloha. eh. well ppl what they about hawaii peeps livin in a grass shack is NOT true. ive been to cali and oregon and almost the whol west coast, and its the same, cept in cali they have perfet lawns and a lot of flowers. and its really hot/humid here. and for some reason hawaii ppl are way nicer. u could go up to a strnager and make frens. well, maybe not some parts of the north shore. eh heh heh. oh and the scenery is diffrent, plus they have wonderful beaches here. in cali they are so fricken cold!!!!!! i was goin numb man!

Music: rock, punk rock, err...

Bands: blink 182, saliva, linkin park, sublime, dashboard confessionals, stained, creed( even tho they act retarded)

grades: im smart but dont study cuz ppl maybe i don gice a shit so ya. well, i only study in classes i like.
for science an a-b average,
math, and f , cuz me and the teacher, (who is a short bald, asshole chin pervert fucker who i pray will burn in hell and who i hate with my life) who i hate failed me. yes, he is a short stupid lazy mutherfucker who i want to kill. if i brought a gun to school, he would be the first to go.
englsih b-c eveage. techer was sortabitchy and gave me a d on this beautiful essay that i spent at least 10 hrs on looking up everything because "its not mla format!!!" she didnt explain what the fuck that was, just told us to that when its for seniors and we were in eigth friken grade!
band b, because i never showed up to marching practices, even though i had signed up for *concert* band god i hate that bastard!
pe: a
ss: a the teacher was irish and shared my irish pride!
comp: c
err...did i have any other subjects?

i make fanfictions on fanfiction.net for inuyasha. go check them out. there mostly gore.

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