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Hey, I just started on this site, and I'm really hoping for constructive critism or at least a little feedback for my few lonely stories that I've posted. If i get some feedback, I'll probably post more stories, since i have many started. In the mean time, I decided to write a few things about myself!
Let's see here...

•Name: Jennifer. But my friend Sam calls me Red. Don't ask why, just know that it involves a lack of sleep, and her slapping me in the face in the middle of the night.
•What i do for fun: Well, mostly i hang out with friends, i guess. My best friend Sam (short for Sameera, so yes, Sam is a girl)and i spend hours at a time in bookstores just sitting and reading. My parents say that reading the books without buying them is cheap. I say that my parents are too morally picky. Basically, i read, write, sleep, rant, and sing for fun. Oh, and drawing! i like drawing...hands especially. When i get bored in school, i pull out a piece of paper and start drawing my hand. i dont have a hand fetish or anything, it's just that i can draw them reasonably well and it keeps me occupied. Plus, i always have one handy. Wow, that was a horrible joke. sorry about that.
•My personal news: I passed all my exams!!!!! YAY!!! actually *And don't be mistaken, this is purely my happiness overflowing into the level of bragging* I got all A's on them, except for french. I don't know how i managed to get a B on my french exam, seeing as it's one of my easiest classes, but I did. I flipped out when i learned that I'd made an A on my biology test. Seriously, I did the giddy-school-girl thing, complete with screaming and jumping up and down. Oh my god! Studying actually DOES work! Who would have thought?
•As a new-years-related side-note:Wow, am i full. I've been eating nonstop. Let's see here, the menu was: A shot of vodka with the appetizers (I don't know why we put vodka & cheese & crackers together, but we did), then red wine with dinner, then champagne with dessert (which happened to have alcohol in it). Does anyone else see a pattern? I don't know why my parents were trying to get me drunk all evening, but I'm convinced that they were. Their plan backfired. My mom fell asleep immediately after dinner, and my dad went about doing the dishes. I, on the other hand, had a great time playing chess with my brother. *Yeah, I'm a nerd, and I love it* I was really proud of myself for not falling asleep, and I've been lucid all evening, so apparently I can hold what little alcohol I had. It's pretty odd, seeing as I'm a relatively small person. Man, why am I sitting here ranting about alcohol and sobreity? I'm gonna go crash. me have an enormous hangover tomorrow. That'll teach me a lesson.

Thanks for listening to my semi-coherent rambling!


Now, I'll get to what you may or may not need to know: Info about my stories!

•Poems: this goes for all my poems, and it's fairly obvious. Although if people want more poems like those, i'd be happy to put more on the next time i get that confused, fuzzy, inspired feeling. However, i'm not going to add on to any of them. That goes for my short stories too, actually.

•Need: I wrote this simply because...actually, I'm not quite sure why I wrote it. Probably just venting frustration. It came out of nowhere, from very, very, very old memories. The only thing I'm afraid of is that people are going to see this, get slightly creeped out, and not want to read the rest of my stories. Well, if that's the case then, oh well. I really want people to have an open mind with this. It's not really a story, just feeling and descriptions.

•Colorado: I love this story. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to brag about my own work. I just love the story itself, mainly because I somehow managed to remind myself exactly what my vacation was like. This is also some of my best imagery, although it definitely has a psychological twist. i can't seem to get away from that. Not that i really want to. Anyway, this is what it was like to go to Colorado with my best friend and my parents. Please enjoy!

•Trials of Sin: Like i said, i wrote this for a contest. it was extremely frustrating because i wanted to keep certain things in the story mysterious so that the reader would think about it long after they'd put it down. However, i wasn't able to explain the story at all when i submitted it to the judges, and i was terrified that they wouldnt understand it at all. Maybe i just have too little faith in humanity. Nah.

•Devotion: I really like this one.I love writing characters like Salome. They intrigue me, really; just the idea of having such a completely different sense of reality. I love tampering with that. The idea for it came out of nowhere. I guess I'm getting over my writer's block. Thank goodness!!!!! Anyway, i have the basic plot planned out, but i dont have any more of the story written than what's on here. I'm not sure if it's such a smart thing to do; updating before i finish, just in case i need to make changes to fit the plot, but i felt like putting it up, so i did. Yay!

Thank you for reading and please remember that i LOVE reviews, and they really do help me a lot!

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