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Hi, I'm Eleine Kruez (duh:slaps forehead:) and thanks so much for taking the time to click on my profile and browsing around. Anyway, this space was relatively blank for quite a while and I thought it's high time to put in a little info about me (meaning I'm bored senseless and thought I'd go for the much-needed ego boost and rattle off about myself :grin:).

Uh, I like writing romance, as I am an incurable romantic, and I really love it when people review. Can you make a wild guess what I'm hinting on? Hehe. But seriously, if you're looking for something heavier, I would suggest looking elsewhere, especially if you're into something angsty because I only write those when I live and breathe the slogan "Life's Sh!t then You Die" and that doesn't happen very often. Ooh, and I can be pretty melodramatic, just thought I'd warn you. :D

What else? I also write fanfics, though lately I've started to focus more on original works. Most of the stories here are on-going, so updates are a bit irregular, depending on inspiration and/or time constraints and other stuff. But don't get discouraged by long (and infrequent) updates.

I think that's it, I can't think of anything else to say. What do you want to know? Ooh, my sign's cancer, if it means anything to anyone. And I love pasta and button mushrooms. Hmm...it's already been established I live and breathe fluff and romance, so what else is there to know? Anyway, I'd love to hear from you guys, be it criticisms, reviews, dissings, or just emails saying hi or talking about weather. No chain e-mails or forwards, though. Drop me a line or two? ;)

I'm a member of Young Writers 101 http:///group/youngwriters101/


Indigo Dreams (on hold as I can't stop doodling the characters to actually start writing it =p)

Edrick: benevolent (if somewhat short-tempered and rude) king on a quest to save the land Nazneen: the prince’s fiancée who’s hell-bent on saving the kingdom and marrying the man Breena: A lady’s lady whose main concern is ensuring her mistress’ safety and well-being and damn those who get in her way Halden: loyal bodyguard to Lady Symonia who hates Edrick upon sight Hadara: land whose fate depends on them. Its people are fervently praying.

A Bit of Pixie Dust (oneshot)

A side-story of sort to Breathing Life into a Statue. A pixie's journey to the side of the one she loves.

Playing House (ongoing)

She is the toast of California’s Social Scene. He is a New Jersey Detective with several citations for bravery. Their worlds were as different as silk and leather and they would’ve happily gone on their separate, decidedly different lives if only their worlds didn’t have to collide into one another in a crash worthy of the Big Bang. They both made a mistake when they got drunk and married each other. But that’s okay, nothing a quiet divorce can’t handle. Problem is, her aunt is threatening to disinherit her if she didn’t make good her marriage vows, even if they were presided by ‘70’s Elvis.

Bound to Love Evil (resurrected =)

Meet Sheridan (the harridan), newly-awakened First-Class Demon. She’s a bit rusty with fire-invoking spells and the like, having Slept for the past century or so, but don’t let her pleasant countenance fool you. Meet her first conquest since Waking: Michael Simmons, romance novelist by day…romance novelist by night. Not bad on her first month back on the job, right? Sure, he’s devoutly Catholic and as stimulating as a conversation with a dead gnat, but she’s got his pure, untarnished soul in the bag. Thing is, it’s not really smart to fall in love with the one you sold your soul to, no matter how beautiful or sexy or plain damned adorable she can be.

Breathing Life into a Statue (complete)

Adrienne Clarke is one of most the popular seniors of X High. She's got enough brain not to fail, she's got more than enough money to buy anything and anyone, and she's spoilt-rotten to the core. The only thing that doesn't fit in her perfect world is the fact that she's single. Put on the spot, she picks a random stranger and declares him to be Love of Her Life, her Boyfriend. But there's a little snag in her plan. The guy she chose to fill the gap and make her life ideally flawless was slowly turning it upside-down, making her realize it's not so perfect after all.

By Your Leave (on hold)

When the Earl of Rhone employed Elisa Strachan, he wasn't expecting the penniless waif to explode in tirades of French and Shakespeare in fits of temper that only seem to happen in his presence. Determined to unravel the mystery surrounding the new maid, he pieces clues together, only to realize he's fallen in love.

Hallie's Comet (oneshot)

A short piece on how a young woman spends most of her afternoons and its reward. It reflects a bit on how I used to spend the first fifteen minutes after the final bell rings some time ago. :chuckles:

Your Sun and Your Moon (oneshot)

Ken's passion has always revolved around painting, and Serena's on Ken. As artists, they both saw Anya epitomize grace, but they embraced the fact differently. Serena reflects on her relationship with Ken and his with Anya.

Catriona Chronicles (oneshot(s)) - taken down

This is a collection of oneshots (that can be read without relation to one another) about a series of events in Cat's life. It's mostly supposed to be funny, with a little insight on how she keeps trying to go after The Love of Her Life (aka Peter) after countless rejections and stuff. It's a bit melodramatic and all-together crappy, but I write about her misadventures to practice. I like writing Cat's never-say-never approach (which borders on idiocy) to love. You might enjoy it who knows?


Hao. Still alive. Sorry updates have been a while (I've just posted part 20 of Playing House for those interested). To the people asking if I have stopped writing: NO, I have not. I just haven't updated in a while. I'm sorry 'bout that. I know how frustrating waiting can be, but things have been really hectic lately so I haven't had much chance to write anything so updates have been slow. I plan to continue and hopefully finish the stories I've posted. It may take months, years even, but hopefully we'll see (well, read) it through the end. But at the same time, thank you to everyone who's been reading and waiting for each update, no matter how long it usually takes. =)

As for complaints about the loss of q-marks in the stories. I KNOW. This has been a recurring problem even with Statue. It's frustrating because I do make the effort of ensuring the q-marks are there when I post it. Sometimes it just disappears and I appreciate the readers letting me know, I really do. I only ask that you don't talk to me as if I remove them simply to annoy the snot out of you. I don't. I'm not that much of an idiot and annoying and/or frustrating my readers isn't in the agenda. But thank you, nonetheless for the heads up. Did I sound too btchy just now? Sorry. Maybe it's me being defensive, but the tone really had my hackles rising. :sigh:

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Breathing Life Into a Statue reviews
2nd Ep added -- FIN Put on the spot, rich bratty Adrienne Clarke picks a random stranger and declares him to be her devoted boyfriend. What happens when two very different people are forced to act in love with each other when they really aren't?
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Playing House reviews
She is the toast of California’s Social Scene. He is a New Jersey Detective with several commendations for bravery. They have to remain married for at least 6 months or she loses it all.
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Indigo lies between blue and violet. Sometimes, she is trapped by his eyes, lost between reality and dreams.
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A Bit of Pixie Dust reviews
A pixie's journey back to her partner's side. A sidestory to Breathing Life into a Statue that hopefully ties up the loose ends. ::aka this explains how Adrienne got the pixie::
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When the Earl of Rhone employed Elisa Strachan into his household, he wasn’t expecting the maid to spout off Shakespeare and French during mad fits that seem to happen only in his presence. Just what is it that makes Elisa so different?
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