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Ok, here it goes ... My name is Meredith. I am now 16 years old. I live in NY. I have moved out of the preppy-infested, elitist, ultra-conservative, Bush-supporting high school of Spack into the middle-of-nowhere hill billy town of Hicksville.

I like to write epic spookiness (poetry, slam poetry, fiction) and draw epic spookiness because I have problems. But hell, you're suppose to embrace your flaws, right?

I live with my mom and my brother (who goes to a community colledge, now.) My dad lives in Binghamton (divorced, no shit) and I haven't seen him in 2 years. F*ck that.

I have a facination for Kitsune` and Angels, and a special affection for ghosts. Currently, I am writing a supernatural/ drama called Bridge of Ghosts, about a rogue Angel named Adriel and her quest to free the Lost souls from the purgatorial Underworld of the Nogitsune` (like, demonic astral werefoxes). Yeah, very spooky stuff. I am very private with most of my writing, but, I do like to perform slam poetry whenever the communityops the chance.

I am a strong beleiver in God, but I am not religious at all. (So, I'm spiritual). If you haven't noticed yet, I like to study metaphysics/ spiritualities. Angelology has been a HUGE subject for me since the middle of the summer of 2004 (where I really got down to writing Bridge.) I both love and deep respect the Paranormal, but despise superstition and relgious bigotry. I also respect the scientific community.

A few years ago, I used to have a really bad hatred for organized religions like Christianity, because of all the hypocracy and closed-minded stupidity it spewed. But latly, through research and insight, I have learved to respect organized monotheistic religions to a certain extent because I have discovered that these religions, and ALL of the topics I've listed, are Humanity's feeble attempt at finding our cosmic place within and making sense out of a seemingly chaotic Universe. I've learned that all of these studies are drawing at two main things: the psychic Love we find in cosmic connections (ie: family bonds, friendships, and lovers, and in some further cases, as with Death, we find the deepest, highest and most anciant kind of love there is: God's), and, also, for humanity not to be Lost. I'm not talking about the Jesus-Salvation kind of Lost, but more like the psychic kind of being lost, like: we're all mere nothings in a merciless Universe. A psychic lonliness. Like the ghosts feel. Ghosts and mortal humans aren't that different, I think. Which is one of the reasons I love the concept of ghosts so much.

I have a love/ hate relationship with humanity, whom I affectionatly refer to as mybeautifull, creative, but destructive, pathetic, and stupid species.

Still, I like to debate on all the listed topics, and hear people out on their opinions.

I beleive in Karma, so generally, I like to respect people (unless they do something that really ticks me off), and a have a deep appreciation for those I concider my friends. (Don't tell my mom this, but I love my family too. Woah. Like she didn't know that.) I'm really compassionate- sometimes too compassionate. That compassion streatches out to compassion for other animal species (I admire animals).

I'm told I am very intelligent, but I can't bring myself to see that. People say I'm wise and insightfull beyond my years- I can kinda see that. lol. I like listening to people- smart people. I also like to help people with their problems, if they ask for help. I like affection. I'm a masochist to a certain extent.

I used to be a vegatarian, but I quit for personal reasons. (PETA can bite me.)

Still, I HATE animal cruelty, and especially, the fur industry, etc.

Some people say I'm karismatic, but I don't know w-t-f they're talking about.

Psychologically, I'm an extremist. Its not that I'm bipolar or anything, it's just that I canhave 2 totally different opinions or feelings aboutone particular subject- at the SAME TIME. I think it has to do with myweirdly transcendant empathy. Sexually, well, guys DEFINATLY turn me on (even though I have an inate distrust for them b/c of my dad's divorce and the general asshole-osity of younger teenage boys). But there were times when I was attracted to girls too.

I'd go on, but I'm getting tired of talking about myself. So there you go, the revamped bio of yours truly. :)

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