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Hi, my name here is Ladako!

I'm Columbian. My parents are from Bogota, Columbia. It's actually really nice there. During the spring. Winter there's no snow but it's freezing and summer it's boiling hot. And also when you're in Columbia you feel rich and poor at the same time.

Example: "Mom, can I have some money to buy a soda?" I asked in Columbia inside my grandparents huge house. I was thirsty and there conviently was a place across the street that sold soda.

"Sure. Here's 200,000 pesos," my mother hands me the light green bill and it read 200,000. I thought to myself that it was a lot.

"Mom it's too much. How do we even have this kind of money!"

"Oh honey, don't worry. It's only around $1.50," my response was a gaping mouth, wide from shock. My mother then gave me other examples like 500 pesos is less than one cent. 1,000,000,000 is like $20. I might be exaggerating a bit but it's almost true.

I have one big brother. I'm the youngest. I hate it! But I can't help it. My big bro is the best and the worst. Depending on our moods. But he's always there for me and that's a good point. I'm still trying to get him used to the fact that I like Yaoi. But it doesn't mean I like being the youngest, it stinks. That's why I still ask my mom to have another baby, and all she does is call me crazy. Seeing that I've been told a numorous amount of times that it is physically impossible for my mother to have more kids. So I went and asked her to adopt a kid younger than me. She called me crazy and said she was fine with two kids, seeing that I was unexpected, in other words an accident. I was told this but I still only thought, No fair! Seeing that my mom is one of eight children, the oldest girl and third child. And she was planning on only having two kids! Just two! My dad was one of six children (They're both Spanish who are known for making big families) and was the eldest! And they only want two kids! They won't even think of adoption. No fair, I say, no fair!

I got a doggie and a bird.

Zoe is my dog. She is around 7 1/2 years-old and a purebreed Maltese. She's adorable, anywhere we go people just say, "Aww, you're dog is cute." She's pure white and very energetic, perfect dog for a hyper girl like me. She hates other dogs though, she'll just growl and bite them, big or small. I almost had a heart attack when she went and tried to attack one of my neighbor's big black dogs. I yelled so loud! We can't have another dog now because of her but I'm still happy. She loves people, she will be extremely nice to people. But boys watch out, if you wear boots, you will face the dreaded shoelace biter! Because it's the only thing she can reach. Don't hate her because of it. She's just protecting me and my brother from any harm cause she loves us.

Selena is my bird and a Cockatiel (Something like that). She has a problem with her beak, the bottom part is growing out and the top part is curving and growing on the inside. We have to cut it every week. Now she has a sad story to her. She was found on the beach by my elementary school janitor and given to a teacher with two dogs and two cats. Is terrified of anything that comes towards her or moves. (Even me and my family) The reason we have her right now is because the teacher saw my brother bring my first bird, Polly, to school and thought we'd be great. Her name was Lucky because they didn't know if she was a boy or girl. We found out she was a girl and at first I wanted to call her Sabrina and thought, no way, but Selena worked really well. Now she and Polly really hit it off, started kissing and everything, but Polly died in Christmas. Then I got another bird for my b-day, Whity, who also hit it off with Selena (They started making love in front of me. .) she laid an egg. But she laid it at the top of the cage and so the eggs just went splat. So much drama with Selena, but we still felt bad that she missed the chance at motherhood. Then Whity flew away, (Don't ask, I'm awful) and now Selena's alone again. No one trusts me with male birds anymore seeing that I didn't even have Polly or Whity for a whole year and Selena I've had for around three years already. She is my wonderful scared birdie. The funny part is, She's scared of Zoe, Zoe is scared of her. Zoe tries to bite Selena, Selena tries to bite Zoe. I find that very funny.

Currently still in school and am bored like hell.

An interest of mine I got from liking anime and manga, I have a big facination with Japan. I am trying to learn Japanese via interent and have only learned random words like "Nani?" and "Baka!" I've been told that I can go study aboard to Japan but I don't know how and it seems hard. I can read Japanese, not Kanji, when it is using American letters. Some people mistake it for Chinese and I'm picky about that. Especially when teachers don't pronounce a word right (Example: Okinawa) and I just correct them out loud. I would love to wear a yukata or go to a real Cherry Blossom Festival. New Years sounds fun too. I'm hoping one day I'll get to go. One day!

My favorite auther: Christine Feehan (Read her books! She's really good!)

My favorite book: Corset Diaries by Kate MacAlister (Highly recommended. Hilarious, romantic, and sexy. You wouldn't believe how much you'll laugh, trust me.)

My Current Favorite song: Cell Block Tango from Chicago

My Favorite Band: Linkin Park

My Favorite Female Singer: Do As Infinity

My B-Day: Feb. 8th

I like: Books, Yaoi, Japanese stuff, Yaoi, Music, Yaoi, and Singing!

Dislike: Onions, Beans, Dresses/Skirts, tights/stockings, make-up, History, and Science.

Currently Reading: Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan

I love anime!! Just today I was talking about must see animes like: Inu Yasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Kenshin, Pokemon (If you're a child), Full Metal Alchemist, Ranma 1/2, Cowboy BeBop, and much, much more.

Favorite anime: (Currently) #1 Rurouni Kenshin. Others like, Inu Yasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist, Gravitation, Shaman King, Kizuna, Ranma, Dragon Ball Z (Also a must see), Zatch Bell (new one), Case Closed and others that I just can't think of right now. I also love mangas. Mangas are so cool and I have a little saying for it. "Every Anime is a Manga but not every Manga is an Anime." I know it follows the square rule but it works because that mangas that haven't been discovered are not animes.

Favorite manga: (Currently) #1 Cased Closed. Others like Gravitation, Kizuna, A.I. Love You, Love Hina, Ranma, Her Majesty's Dog, Alice 19th, Wish, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Chobits, Only the Ring Finger Knows (Adorable Yaoi!), Errie Queerie, Level-C, Selfish Love, Hands Off, Fake and others that I haven't been able to buy.

I'm a Yaoi Fangirl as everyone will soon be able to guess.

Most of my work might be slash in another word Yaoi, in another other word gay! Rarely I will have straight things.

I hope people enjoy my work. And I'm not begging for reviews but I do appreciate them. What I do not appreciate are flames. Any flames received will be deleted if possible. (I did receive a flame once but was told later it was a friend of mine and I still deleted. I told her how displeased I was and didn't tattle) Don't get me wrong, I'm not sensitive, I just don't believe I have a reason to be flamed. I put down the appropriate warnings. I state if it is F/F, M/M, or M/F if it is rated M then people can tell that it will have a slightly perverted scene. I recall this one author who wrote an incest story and these two people rudely wrote profanities about not liking the story. The story had warnings and so others didn't think it was right for them to say that. It became an argument on the review page. People kept reviewing saying how those two shouldn't have said that, myself included. I found it wrong. I don't want that happening again. So please respect my wishes and no flames. Constructive cristism is deemed appropriate for reviews. I know I'm not the best writer and I try to fix what I can. I corrected the fact that I don't put my "then" and "than" in the right places.

Example: You Suck! (A flame that is inappropriate review.)

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