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Hello. The Delightfully Demented Original Unpredictable Eccentric, Cheetah Smith is at your service ladies and gentlemen.
Age: 20, actually.
Gender: Female
Zodiac: Aries/Dragon
Element/Planet/Yin-Yang: Fire, Mars, Yang
Interests: Art, Drawing, Video Games, coming up with weird and sweet stories/characters, various fandoms, writing, web design, the game industry/game design, geeking out, freaking people out

College student majoring in Game Art and Design, fangirl, all-'round geeky artist, aiming to have a successful career in the game industry as a conceptual artist/character designer, and eventually settle down and have a pleasant life. Quiet, but friendly and fairly optimistic on just about anything and everything. Yep, that's pretty much me. I like romance, strong female leads, epic adventures, drabbles and one-shots, character and relationship-based storytelling with enough of a plot to hold it all together, a recent preoccupation with sex. I also tend to be bit of a snarky li'l bastard when angered, and most of creative energies at this time go to fanworks rather than original stories and characters. Most of my original stories will likely end up being in a visual or comic format, but there'll still be room for traditional writing as well – likely as supplimental material.

Current Projects and Updates:
1) The Angel Dragon Chronicles
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Shojo(Manga)
Status: Concepting and Character Design
The epic love story about an idealistic girl, an adventerous boy, a gentle young man, and two lovers-turned-enemies in the world with three moons, An'ulos. A light-hearted adventure soon becomes something more...Much more...
Notes: This is pretty much my baby. At this time, I want to make it into the next big video game saga, but it seems that the web-comic and so-forth route might be more likely right now. I've been working on this since I was twelve years old, and it's been under constant revision,

2) FREAKS! of Nature
Genre: General/Humor/Manga
Status: Concepting and Character Design
Alexis "Lex" Bradley, a 19-year-old college student, has been named the sole heir and caretaker of her eccentric multi-millionaire Grandfather's estate. As she steps into the world her Grandfather once lived in, she discovers the bizzare tenants of the old mansion! Oh, the chaos and warm-hearted hilarity that will ensue!

Pointless Babble: OMG... I have not updated this thing since... forever. Well then! In addition to the two stories featured above, there are also several other epic adventure tales and short stories I want to "advertise" and eventually publish. Better get busy then... It'll be a long time before anything resembling the final material and what I have in my head gets published, though. For now, this profile is currently under revision, and I'll get back to when I'm not swamped with my work and studies.

And that shall be all! For now, at least...

Essylit Chronicles by Gelasia reviews
meet Essylit, Being sucked into a milk machine into an entirely new WORLD, beating up a prince, and facing the horror of a short skirts.. this girl is having one rough day!!
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