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Well, first off, I'm just going to say that I write incredibly slow for a human being... if you actually consider me one.

+ Introduction:

Now that I said that, I'll...err ... Introduce myself! I am Ame, which is 'rain' is Japanese. And, yes, I am another Japanese freak. I like practically every about Japan. Music, culture, MANGA, language, and whatever else there is.

Now about my writing... Well, I write slash. Male slash. And I write songs. That's about it. Got a problem with that?

+ Current Works:

South Lakes Secondary School: SO!!!... What happens when you're straight and your parents decide to ship you off to a gay boarding school? You just start wondering about your sexuality is all. There's also something very...evil going on within the school too. And, well, I'm not sure what's going to become of this one. I came up with the idea when I was wondering about whether there were real schools for homosexual students or not, because I'm never seen or heard of one. And yeah, that's it for this thing.

Regret the Past and Change the Future: You know, I could've sworn I named this 'Regret Yesterday and Change Tomorrow.' Man, that is one big typo. Anyway, this is a collection of songs that I started not too long ago. I think I'll add more when I write more, but I'm not quite sure when that's going to be. And it's named after the first song, by the way ^_~

+ Future Works:

: Well, I don't know what the name is going to be. I don't even know if I'm actually going to write it. But still... This is a supernatural one. I usually don't think of stuff like this, or even read stuff like this. But I just got the idea stuck in my head from a conversation with Jen(the big atheist[I am too!!]) about what happens to people when they die.
Anyway, the main character is the one who dies. See, in this story, when people die, their soul gets sucked into a black hole and they stay there forever. However, the main character somehow escapes from the black hole(which is supposedly impossible) and goes back to earth as a ghost to watch over his/her.. uh... ex-lover(?), and then some stuff happens. I don't know if the main character is going to be male or female, but if it's a male, then this is going to be a yaoi story. And if it's a female... Then I'll probably get bored of this story before I even finish writing the prologue. Heh.

+ The End:

Ok, that's it. Email me if you need anything. Don't email me if you don't(j/k! I'm not that mean!). And always drink lots of Dr. Pepper!! ^_~

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